Lit from Within: Cleansing Hair and Body with Oils #FBArganShampoo #FBhairmask #FBCoconutScrub

Friday, May 6, 2016

Cleansing Hair and Body with Oils #FBArganShampoo #FBhairmask #FBCoconutScrub

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Hello, Fireflies!

It's bath time! I'm getting clean and oiled up with First Botany Argan Oil and Coconut oil shampoo, hair mask, and body scrub.  Can oil clean my hair and body as well as it cleans my face?

I'm no stranger to oil cleansing.  Oil works with oil - by adding clean oil to skin and hair, it mixes with our natural sebum and pulls dirt and debris from pores and dissolves it.  When it rinses away, it leaves skin and hair soft and oil-balanced.

Argan oil is especially good for hair - it's full of antioxidants and omega-3 and -6 oils that fill in gaps in the hair, making it softer and less brittle.  If you do a lot of coloring or heat treatments, argan oil can help mitigate the damage done to fried hair.

Unlike traditional shampoos, First Botany Moroccan Argan Oil Therapeutic Shampoo is meant to be left on the hair for 2-3 minutes so that the oils can penetrate into the hair and scalp.  The shampoo smells so good - kinda fruity - and lathers up nicely but not excessively (which we all know by now isn't necessary to cleaning, but I do like it!)
I love the generously-sized bottle and pump dispenser.  I only wash my hair about once every 5-7 days, but I use a lot of shampoo when I do wash, so it's nice to have a pump.

Conditioning shampoos work best for my thick, coarse hair, and this one seems to cleanse well without stripping (no squeaky-clean hair for me!) and prepares my hair for the mask.  I don't feel like my hair is heavy after using it, so it would probably work for different hair types, too.

First Botany Moroccan Argan Oil Therapeutic Shampoo is currently available on Amazon, where a 16 oz bottle retails for $10.

Conditioner and hair masks are, for me, where the rubber meets the road.  My coarse curls need tons of hydration, and I like a lot of slip in my conditioner.  I actually use hair masks more often than I use regular conditioner - it's like a little pampering session to put it on, and then use a scrub, do a face treatment, and maybe use some aromatherapy.  Don't worry, I turn off the shower while I'm doing all this!
The ingredient list of First Botany Intense Repair Therapy Coconut Oil Hair Mask is an oil-lover's dream - coconut, rosehip, and argan oils, plus Shea Butter and vitamins.  Yes!  It smells like coconut candy, too.

After shampooing, I squeeze as much of the water out of my hair as I can, and work a few generous handfuls of this mask into my hair, from tip, back up to the root.  A wide-toothed comb is my best friend in making sure that every hair is coated and conditioned.  I even put a little on at the end of my shower, as a leave-in conditioner.
The only issue I have with this mask is that I wish it had more slip.  I need a lot of detangling power, because I don't comb my hair when it's dry.  I often get knots at the nape of my neck, and the hair near the crown of my head gets stretched and stressed from wearing it up most of the time.  I don't like to pull hard on my wet hair to get product through, so I like a bit of that silicone slip - and this natural product doesn't have that.

I do love how my hair looks and feels after using this mask with the shampoo, though.  And, I don't worry about a little heat styling afterwards, because I know my hair is infused with all kinds of oils to protect it (though I do put some product on, too!)

First Botany Intense Repair Therapy Coconut Oil Hair Mask is available on Amazon, where an 8.8 oz jar currently retails for $12.95.

Remember how I said I was going to pamper myself with a scrub while waiting for that hair mask?  Why not match Coconut with Coco Glow? 
First Botany Coco Glow Coconut Milk Body Scrub is both very scrubby and very nourishing.  The grains of sea salt are huge and really exfoliate.  This is a scrub you can definitely feel doing its job.  Dead skin cells and debris don't stand a chance against this scrubby.  The texture is dry, yet oily at the same time - the scrub is very loose, and doesn't hold together in the hand, so it can make a bit of a mess trying to get it from the jar onto my body.  The scrub itself, though, is infused with lots of skin-loving oils, like Avocado, Almond, Apricot Kernel, Safflower, and Grape Seed Oil, which leave my skin incredibly soft - and the floor of the shower pretty slippery, so be careful!
Coco Glow has a coconut candy scent, like the hair mask, but with a little bit of a ...chemical? scent?  I'm not sure what it is, but it's not offensive or long lasting.  It's just not as much of an aromatic treat as the shampoo and mask.

First Botany Coco Glow Coconut Milk Body Scrub is available on Amazon, where a 12 oz jar currently retails for $14.95.

Coconut-inspired mani!  I used a sponge to create texture on the base coat with Adesse Irina, Glitter Gal Chuck A Wobbly and White Pointer.  Then, I made stamping decals with White Pointer, Finger Paints Black Expressionism and Sketchy Character, and plate m55.

First Botany tries to go green and nature-friendly in their formulas, which are natural, and paraben- and cruelty-free, and also by using recycled materials in their packaging.  They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you're not completely satisfied, too!  For more information, or to purchase, you can find First Botany on their website, and on Amazon, where they have a storefront for their many products., and Prime members are eligible for free shipping.

Do you like using oil-based hair and skin-care products?

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