Lit from Within: Can you Dance All Night with Cult Nails?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Can you Dance All Night with Cult Nails?

I'm a Cultie.  I stand proud and say it. 

What I don't want to say is that this is not my favorite Cult Nails collection. 

Not that it's all bad.  The creams are, as always, amazing.  They are the stars of this show.  The glitters... not so much.

Faded.  This is totally on trend for right now - these barely-there colors are so pretty and are the new neutral. 

Cult Nails Faded

Dance All Night.  The namesake of the collection, it was my least favorite.  Which is so hard to say, because I love green and blue!  The formula was thick, clumpy, and hard to apply.  It just doesn't look like anything I can't pick up in the drugstore now.

Cult Nails Faded with Cult Nails Dance All Night

I grabbed my new favorite glitter, Orly Sparkling Garbage, and gave it a little oomph.  I liked it better, but it still wasn't enough, ya know?

Cult Nails Faded with Cult Nails Dance All Night and Orly Sparkling Garbage

Love at First Sight.  Lovely Lilac creme.  Flawless.

Cult Nails Love at First Sight

Center of Attention.  The formula on this pink and copper glitter was better than Dance All Night.  I like pink and copper together.. so much, in fact, that I must have 2 or 3 other glitters exactly like it.  

Cult Nails Love at First Sight with Center of Attention

Nakizzle's Shizzle.  An homage to the nickname of one of the founder's daughters, Snoop would be proud that someone has continued the 'shizzle' trend.. And, it's a gorgeous polish.  Bright, almost electric, sky blue.  I can't decide if I like this or Faded better.

Nakizzle's Shizzle.

Walk of Shame.  This was my fave of the glitters.  It actually applied pretty well, and I like the tiny holo glitters.  The gold glitters have some reflective curling, though they do lie flat on the nail. I would probably try this over a black for maximum impact.

Nakizzle's Shizzle with Walk of Shame.

If you'd like more information on Cult Nails, you can find them on Facebook, or their webpage.

What do you think?  Are you like me, loving the cremes but underwhelmed by the glitters?  Do you love it all? Or, are you going to pass on all of them? 

I think this should be a wakeup call to the Indies that even the big brands can stumble occasionally.  The drugstore and salon brands are doing more innovative collections, and there are a lot of Indies making polish now.  So, you need to do something better or differently from the rest!


  1. They all look like great polishes! I got some Cult Nails from a blog sale recently so I'm excited to get that package and try them out :)

  2. Her black (Nevermore) and white (Tempest) are the *best* polishes. Flushed is probably my all-time fave.


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