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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The new Jade.. Ga-De

I had the opportunity recently to swap beauty products with a friend in Israel, and I asked her to get me a couple of Israeli polishes.  She recommended this brand.. which looks like "Jade" on the label, but I understand is actually 'Ga-De'.  I have no idea how it's pronounced!

The two colors she got for me are Jade Garden, a gorgeous green jelly with a hint of blue, and Green Sapphire, a dark metallic forest green.

I saw this gorgeous nail art by Sakura, and wanted to do my version of it. While hers is an orange tip on a naked nail, I thought this was the perfect nude from Sinful Colors, Poudre.   This is one of the best colors I've picked up from Sinful Colors in a while. 

I did the chevron tip with Jade Garden, and the scroll work with a small nail art brush and Green Sapphire.

In the future, I'll save Green Sapphire for a base color, or to stamp with.  It's a little too thick to paint such fine detail work with.

Bottle shot:  Green Sapphire, Jade Garden, and Poudre.

Everyone ready to go polish shopping in Israel?


  1. Great colors you got from Ireland! How neat :)

    1. Israel, though with them being green, I can see how you got there! :) Swapping with people from other countries is pretty cool!

  2. Wow...Israeli polish! That's so cool! Love your scroll work! :)

  3. Hey! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Best Blog Award :)

    1. Wow, thank you! I'm honored you thought of me. :)

  4. yay Israeli polish is on the map! ever so pretty!


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