Lit from Within: On Wednesdays, the Mean Girls Wear Pink

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

On Wednesdays, the Mean Girls Wear Pink

I've probably mentioned that, as a little girl, I was only allowed to wear pink nail polish.  So, when I got back into polish, I rebelled a little at the idea of wearing pink.  I mean, why wear pink when I could wear BLUE?  or GREEN?  or *whisper* black?

So many rebellious choices, and I chose them all. 

And, by the way, I'm over 40, and it STILL drives my mother crazy when I wear crazy colored nail polish.  *evil cackle*

But, anyway, I decided that I liked pink again.  So here are some recent pink finds.

Illamasqua Pink Raindrops.  Oh, how we waited for this to show up on the UK website, paid our shipping costs, and then.. well, I like it, but I'm not sure it lived up to the hype.  It's not a pink version of Raindrops, as touted.  It is a pretty pink with flakies, but it's not a jelly. 

Illamasqua Pink Raindrops

Smitten Polish Snowberry Gumdrop.  When I saw another blogger say about this polish that she wished this is what Pink Raindrops looked like, I knew I wanted it!  This is more of a crelly, with fewer, but larger white flakies.  I really like this.

Smitten Polish Snowberry Gumdrop

365 Days of Color Make Me Laugh-y Taffy.  This is more jelly than I was expecting.  I would recommend wearing this with undies.  It's a thin formula that I think would take way too many coats to become opaque.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  This one has shredded glitters, too.

365 Days of Color Make Me Laugh-y Taffy

Feenix Pasadena Rose.  Pay no attention to the glittered ring finger, we'll get to that in a second.  Are you seeing that blue shimmer?  I hope you can find this in a blog sale, because Feenix closed its doors. 

Feenix Pasadena Rose with Glitzology Priscilla

Glitzology Priscilla. Ok, so you couldn't ignore the glitter.  But now I can tell you that it's Glitzology Priscilla.  It has a very sheer base - it might even be clear, but with a slight iridescence.  It looks like it was made to go with Feenix Pasadena Rose.  The blue shimmer plays nice with the pink and purple glitters, and the two sheer polishes together reach opacity without getting chunky. 

Feenix Pasadena Rose with Glitzology Priscilla

LynBDesigns Jarvis.  We're all guilty of buying at least one polish just for the name.  I have a friend whose name is NOT Jarvis, nor any derivation or similarity to Jarvis.  Yet, that is one of her nicknames.  She doesn't wear nail polish.  I knew she'd never wear this.. so I wear it for her.

LynBDesigns Jarvis

Elixir Lacquers With A K.  And, we end on a hot pink note. This one is not for the shy and retiring.  It's bright and fun and shiny.  I have no idea what the K is, and why it has one.

Elixir Lacquers With A K

I've included links in the polish titles to the Indies that are still with us.  If you'd like more information, you can find them all on Facebook.

Do you wear pink?   Do you wear a particular color when you're feeling rebellious?


  1. Really nice pinks! :) I used to hate pink when I was little but I like the color now, lol!

    1. I think I only hated it because I forced to use it. I made my parents let me change my room to blue as soon as I could!

  2. I love the Illa, SO gorgeous. So interesting, how the color pink causes so much emotion and personal reckoning. I used to say I hated it but I secretly didn't... I've learned to embrace my full on love for all things girly. Viva la femme, lol... or something like that ;)

    1. So true! Even while shopping, there are 'pink' aisles for girls with all the barbies and stuff. It's such a loaded color. I'm so glad that I finally realized that Feminism meant that we were empowered to do whatever we wanted, even if it was to wear pink!


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