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Friday, May 3, 2013

Feel like a Goddess..

While I enjoyed exploring textured polishes, there is something about the holo that just draws me back, and I can't wait to show you a few that I've discovered.

Today, I'm loving the Goddess collex from Pretty Jelly.  All 5 are multichromes with a scattered holo.  Each applied wonderfully with no special needs, two coats, or one coat over OPI Black Onyx on my thumb.

Aphrodite.  Described by Pretty Jelly as, "Pink-purple multichrome holo. Shifts from purple-pink to orange to yellow."

Can you believe this is the same polish?  Amazing shift.  That pink is even brighter in Real Life. Definitely one of my faves from this collection.

Artemis: "Cyan-red multichrome holo. Shifts from cyan to blue and purple."

For me, any blue was only evident in the lightest flash, except when over the black.  The reddish colors showed up best along the edges.

Demeter: "Green-brown multichrome holo. Shifts from green to blue to purple." 

The green is actually more evident in Real Life than in the photo.  It's a very pale green, though. I'm not seeing much purple, but the blue is clear in the shift over black. Very similar base color as Artemis, but with a green flash instead of blue.

Hera: "Purple-indigo multichrome holo. Shifts from cool icy blue-purple to a rich red-purple."

Some of the other holos in this collection have a very similar base color, and really only show differences in the shifts.  Not Hera.  This one clearly has a purple base, and the red to blue shift is more pronounced. 

Hestia: "Copper-orange multichrome holo. Shifts from copper to orange to yellow."

I love an orange/pink polish.  This one definitely has a glowing quality to it.

Overall, I like these.  I love multichromes and I love holos.  I do with that the holo was a little stronger, but I suspect I wouldn't want to give up some of the pigmentation that is the usual tradeoff.  I will admit that I have trouble telling some of these apart because they are so similar.  (They're not the SAME, they're similar!) Hera is a clear standout, and Aphrodite is as well. 

I'm glad I have them all, mostly because my OCD is satisfied to have the whole collection.  What do you think?  Are any so similar to others in this collex or other polishes that you don't need them?  Which is your fave?

If you'd like more information on Pretty Jelly, you can find their maker, Liquid Jelly, on Facebook, or on their Etsy store. EDIT:  Pretty Jelly now has their own Facebook page!


  1. They all look awesome! I don't have much holos in my collection but I need to pick up some :)

    1. I am a holo fanatic. I can't get enough.. I wish I could collect LOL!


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