Lit from Within: Ding-Dong, Avon calling! And it's glittery and dotty!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ding-Dong, Avon calling! And it's glittery and dotty!

As most of you know, I don't have a creative bone in my body.  I love nail art, so I have to go and find other pictures that inspire me and do my own version.  I found this pin of nail art of dots on a black background (sorry, the pin didn't refer back to the originator! If you know who it is, please let me know so I can give credit.) and this is my version, that I did with all Avon polishes.

Sparkling Sky.  I thought this would be darker, but I'm glad it's a lighter grey.  I love the holo glitter!  I would definitely wear this on its own.

I decided to do swatches with a little pop of art for all the colors I used as the dots. 

Lime Splatter (with Art Orange and Garden Green).  This is kinda lime?  Very yellowy, with a green tint.  More like lime juice than lime rind.  For me, the Speed Dry formula is the way to go.  You'll see that some of the other ones just don't dry fast enough...

Art Orange (with Lime Splatter and Arctic Waters)  This is somewhere between bright orange and burnt orange.. like a 70s orange.

Smoky Plumes (with Arctic Waters and Garden Green.  Purple/Taupe/Mushroom creme.  That shimmer?  It's not in Smoky Plumes.  I accidentally dragged it from Garden Green when applying topcoat.  Nice effect, though, right? 

Garden Green (with Lime Splatter and Smoky Plumes)  Not quite a garden green, really, it's a little darker.  But the shimmer is great... if you can wait long  enough for it to dry.  The regular polishes just take forever on me to dry.

Arctic Waters (with Lime Splatter and Art Orange).  I've tried to hide it, but my accent finger is a hot mess because I couldn't wait for the blue to dry.  AGAIN.  Such a pretty blue, such an impatient girl.

All the pretties lined up in a row:  Sparkling Sky, Lime Splatter, Garden Green, Arctic Waters, Art Orange, and Smoky Plumes.

Have you tried Avon polish yet?  They are always having some kind of sale, and a few of these I got for about $2 on clearance.  Apparently they have some scattered holos coming out in Campaign 12 that I'm looking forward to getting on clearance in Campaign 13 or 14.. lol.  Some of these are still on clearance now - are you going to get any?


  1. Great manicure! Its so cute and I love dots :D Never tried any Avon but they look like great colors!

    1. Thanks! Avon has had some pretty cool polishes - their suedes were good, and several were dupes for OPIs. I just wish they would dry faster! I'm very clumsy.


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