Lit from Within: Above the glittery, pastel curve

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Above the glittery, pastel curve

I love the Spring glitter collex from Above The Curve... which surprised me a little, because I usually just go for their holos.  It was a nice surprise!

First, a skittle shot, no topcoat.  Pretttttty.

Daisy Lilacs It.  Pastel purple with blue and gold circle glitters, some small magenta glitters, and a few small stars.

When I first swatched this in the skittle mani, I didn't even know it had stars! I hadn't seen these new smaller star glitters before, and I like them a lot better than the large ones.

Misty Morning.  Gorgeous blue with white hexes, and some really big hexes.

I had a little trouble with this application.  The large hexes are just too large for my nails, I think.  I have small nail beds, and if the glitter wasn't right in the center, it wouldn't lay flat.  You can see on my pointer that the glitter is off to the side and is sticking up.  On my ring finger, the glitters in the center look fine.

Also, this one probably needs undies.  To get it opaque, it's just too thick.

Sunset Skies.  Not really a pastel, but it is lighter than I was able to photograph it. I love these fiery orange and pink and yellow glitters.  It really is like a bright sunset.

Rain-Kissed Strawberries.  Who knew that I would start to love pink polish again?  This is a great shade - not too girly-sweet, with more of those magenta circle glitters, and some others hex glitters in shades of pink.

Field of Tulips.  This pastel green is one of my faves this season.  Can't seem to get enough.  The explosion of color glitter isn't something I'd wear every day, but it is a fun glitter, and reminiscent of its name.

If you like pastels, glitter - especially the new bright circle glitter - then I think there is at least one in here for you.  My fave is probably Daisy Lilacs It.  Do you have a favorite?

If you'd like more information about Above The Curve (including their charitable donations to Shriners and others) please visit their Facebook page, or their shop on Big Cartel.


  1. They all look like great colors! Love pastels with glitter in them too :)

    1. They are really pretty great, for the most part. I really wanted to love the blue one..

  2. Did you use a top coat when you showed each polish individually? I think the weird texture would maybe bug me so I thought it could maybe be minimized with some top coat?

    1. Yes, when I did the skittle - no topcoat. When I showed each one individually, I used topcoat. Most glitters, especially Indies look better with a nice, thick topcoat, I'm finding. Then, they're pretty smooth. Some glitters eat topcoat and look better with a coat of Gelous (easily found at Sally's) under the topcoat. Smooth, glassy, nails!

  3. Field of tulips!!! Love it!!!


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