Lit from Within: I said, DANCE!

Friday, May 17, 2013

I said, DANCE!

There's a new polish company that's sweeping the land, from, of all places - Russia.  Dance Legend has come on the scene with some amazing polishes, including neons, texture, crelly glitters, and temperature changing polishes with 2 or 3 colors.  I fell in love with some of their holos, so I'd like to show you the ones I have today.

Fantastic Trip. They call it a 'peach-orange with a touch of brown' but on me it looks pink.

Dance Legend Fantastic Trip

Optical Illusion.  "dark violet and bordeaux wine"  is actually pretty accurate on me.  I would even throw in words like 'cranberry' maybe.  This one is so pretty, I wore it all day - on both hands.  Crazy, I know.

Dance Legend Optical Illusion

Robots v. Humans. "dark brown"  More like a cocoa brown on me, but still a great polish.  I love the orange flash.

Dance Legend Robots v Humans

All of these are really pigmented, one-coat polishes, if you apply carefully.  Like most holos, they will patch and bald if you don't work quickly - or wait until the layer is completely dry before putting more polish on top.  No special undies or buffing required, and all of these pix are without topcoat.

I saw this holographic patchwork nail art by Shades of Beauty, and I wondered if it would work with these polishes.  I like the effect, but they are almost too opaque for this technique to be fully appreciated, as a sheer polish would allow different levels of color to peek through.

Patchwork mani with Dance Legend Holos

I applied Fantastic trip on the whole nail, Optical Illusion on the diagonal, and Robots v. Humans on the vertical half.

patchwork mani with Dance Legend Holos

Bottle shots:  Fantastic trip, Optical Illusion, and Robots v. Humans

bottle shots of the Dance Legend Holos

What do you think of these holos? 


  1. Awesome holographic colors! SO pretty :)

    1. Thanks! Totally worth the wait from Russia. :) I think Llarowe is going to start carrying them soon, though!

  2. Great polishes. It's funny that the bottle shot makes them all look exactly the same.

    1. Sometimes with holos, all you see is the 'flame' and it's hard to see the color.

  3. So pretty! I think Optical Illusion is absolutely gorgeous!!

    1. I like that one a lot... but I think Robots v. Humans is my fave. :)


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