Lit from Within: You must be jossin' me about these JOSS holos!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

You must be jossin' me about these JOSS holos!

When Llarowe started carrying this line of Joss Lacquer, I'd never heard of them before.  But, it's a holo collection, so I searched around for some swatches.  Then, I had to have them all.  They are all pretty linear, decent formula - no buffing or special base coat needed.  Come see the pretties.

Alternate Dimension.  Oooh, I love a coral holo.  The texture, the mix of pink and orange, I swoon.  Every time.  Great color for this time of year, and they look great on so many different skin tones.  This one is ready for the beach.

I took a cue from the Crumpet, and decided to use both hands to swatch for a few posts. We'll see how long this lasts because I just broke my index nail down to the quick.  I'm not naturally ambidextrous either, so some of this posing felt pretty awkward... like how I felt at my senior prom.

Flash Diamond.  I almost didn't get this.  It's a pretty polish, but... it's silver.  How many silver holos does a person need?  I figured I could pay for shipping, or get this and get free shipping.  If you don't need another polish for free shipping and you have a silver holo you love, you probably don't need this, either.

Tantastic Glow.  This was the polish that initially attracted me to this collection, but it wasn't my fave on me.  I love nude holos, but this one is a little more champagne that I'd hoped, and not as holo as I'd wanted.  It actually looks more like a frost than a holo, don't you think?

Sudden Impulse.  Yeah, I get all kinds of impulses when I see a gorgeous reddish holo, and they usually involve my credit card.  Isn't this gorgeous??  This is definitely a star player in this collex.

Flamingo Dancer.  Little play on words here, as it's pink like a flamingo, and snazzy like the Flamenco dancer outfits.  Very clever, Joss, very clever.  Did you know that flamingos get their pink color from the type of shrimp they like to eat?  It's true.  I am also very clever.

Overall, not a bad collection, but I was a little disappointed by Tantastic Glow.  The pink and silver are pretty, but are usually a part of almost every other holo collection, too, so it's likely there are lots of dupes.  For me, Sudden Impulse and Alternate Dimension are unique and pretty enough to own.  Which ones are your faves?


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