Lit from Within: Garnet Gradient

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Garnet Gradient

Hello, Fireflies!

For me, the color of the season has been the wine/berry holo.  Every since Enchanted Polish's Mr. Burgundy hit the scene, I've been trying to get my sweaty hands on every wine holo I can find.

When Lacquer Lust put out their birthstone collection, I had to have Garnet.  It's perfection.

Lacquer Lust Garnet

It really does look like a garnet - it's not too purple, not too red.  Just that balance that a garnet has.

not too purple, not too red

When I saw this nail art by Nails by Regina, I thought it was so pretty, and thought maybe I could do something similar with all the wine/berry holos I've been collecting.

I just started layering holos with a Ruffian-type curve at the top.  Over Garnet, I used Colors by Llarowe Dirty Diana, and then CbL Unorthodox Annie over that.  I finished the tip with A-England Sleeping Palace.

Bottle shot:  Lacquer Lust Garnet, Colors by Llarowe Dirty Diana, CbL Unorthodox Annie, and A-England Sleeping Palace.

I love how they're all slightly different, but all are beautiful.  And I really like them all together in this gradient.  Have you also been lusting after wine holos lately?  What's your fave?


  1. yes! I love these colors. actually any royal color is my fav.

    1. Royal purples are so pretty. I'm so glad that Jewel tones are back in season!


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