Lit from Within: The Make Up Show Orlando - The People. It's who you know

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Make Up Show Orlando - The People. It's who you know

For my last day at The Make Up Show, I went classic black with Cult Nails Nevermore.  I put some black rhinestones in my Nail Veil, too.  Chic!

classic black with Cult Nails Nevermore.  I put some black rhinestones in my Nail Veil, too

Much, much more - after the jump!

Yesterday, I showed you some of the amazing products I got to see and try (and BUY!) at The Make Up Show Orlando.

The true gems of the convention, though, are the people.  Not only seeing and talking shop with my fellow Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida, but the industry experts, the sales staff, and the makeup artists and other professionals shopping at the show.  I was blown away by how generous everyone was with their time and knowledge.

I got to meet "Momma Makeup" Sharon Gault.  She was soft-spoken and gracious.

 "Momma Makeup" Sharon Gault.

James Vincent, the force behind The Make Up Show, is so passionate about his craft and his peers, all of whom he calls friends.

I was so excited to hear Billy B. give a talk about his life in makeup.

He told many heartfelt stories about growing up in the country, and the decisions (and luck!) that brought him to where he is today.

My favorite part was listening him talk about how you have to know who you are.  He was at the front of a room full of people who idolized him, talking about how some clients treated him like trash, and the clear lesson was that you can't gauge your own worth by what others think of you - good or bad.  It was so powerful.

Afterwards, he was so sweet, even wanting to know my name, and more about me.  Very charming!

Ok, I'll admit that this next part had me fan-girling like crazy.  As great as the whole experience had been, it could have sucked, and I still would have been over the moon to meet Sutan Amrull, aka Raja Gemini.

James Vincent's introduction was so moving.  They've been friends quite a while!

Sutan did a fantasy makeup for us.  It was surreal watching this documentary about drag while Sutan was on the stage doing makeup.

In addition to being talented and fierce, Sutan was funny and very approachable.  We all wanted to be his bestie.  He said we were.

I want to learn how to contour like that.

"What are you talking about?!" haha, I have no idea what this is in response to, but that face!

Old friends, James and Sutan

Cristina from Let Them Have Polish was, if possible, an even bigger fan than I am.

Not my best pix, but a moment I will always cherish!

A.J. Crimson has been a fan of the BBCFL since last year, and has talked about doing something with our group.  That would be pretty keen.

More of the BBCFL! Alyssa from Pretty Little Bottles, Kari from Once Bitten, Mina from Fabulous Awesomeness, Maria of Cult Nails, me, Steph from Imperfectly Painted, and Brianna from Brikasia.

Me and Ellie, who is currently working with Chronicle Stones.

Mr. Cult Nails duck-facing with some OCC Lip Tar!

Though it may seem silly to some of you, every person I talked with had an impact on me that weekend.  One of the people I looked forward to seeing every day was Alex, who worked at the valet.  Never underestimate the little things that people do for you.  Even making me smile, or treating me like I was someone important felt amazing.

Makeup is an amazing tool for helping us create a visual picture, but true beauty is how we are Lit From Within!


  1. I am so happy for you! It looks like the best time and I know it was an amazing experience. Rock on, you!

    1. Thanks for sharing in my excitement!! :) hugs

  2. Looks like you had oodles of fun! Yay for you!

    1. Thank you so much, Amy! I did - can't wait for next year!


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