Lit from Within: Roses on a Disco Inferno

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Roses on a Disco Inferno

Hello, Fireflies!

Quick post today - most of my pictures weren't that great! Just one of those Blogger problems, I guess.  This week's challenge was to stamp whatever we were in the mood for, so I did a stamp inspired by one of my dresses - grey and black with roses.

I started off with Cult Nails Fetish, and then added a layer of NARS Disco Inferno, a grey/purple duochrome layering topcoat.  By itself, it had almost no color, and a little sparkle.  It looks great over black, though!

NARS Disco Inferno over Cult Nails Fetish

I used Finger Paints Black Expressionism and Bundle Monster 323 to put black roses over the sparkly grey background.  Loved this!  I actually had a student notice my nails and want to know how I did them.  She was even familiar with stamping!  It was pretty cool.

This is my first NARS polish.  I bought it on clearance at Sephora, which was great, because I don't think it's worth the full $18 for this polish.  It's beautiful, no doubt, but a grey/purple duochrome is the most popular type of duochrome, and there are many cheaper options to be had. I do love the cap texture, though, and the formula was very nice.

What are you in the mood for stamping on your nails today?

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