Lit from Within: Fireside Glow #FallingForNailArt

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fireside Glow #FallingForNailArt

Hi, Fireflies!

Welcome to today's second installment of the Falling For Nail Art challenge.  If you missed it, there is another post today!  I'm trying to catch up after, uh, forgetting about, building up the tension for the big push at the end! yeah!

Today's mani starts with some gorgeous polishes:  OPI I Knead Sourdough is ... well, it's hard to describe.  Sorta brown - sorta red, with a pinkish shimmer.  That's the technical description.  On the accent nails, I used Dior Blue Label, a navy creme.

OPI I Knead Sourdough, and Dior Blue Label

The glowing glitter polish I used on top is Lynderella Glass Houses.

I never thought I would own a Lynn, really.  Too much drama in the past.  But when I saw one in a blog sale for a really reasonable price, I thought it was time to try one and see what the polish is about.

All the people drama aside, it's a nice polish.  I am a huge, HUGE fan of polishes that have that 'lit-from-within' glow, and Glass Houses does have that.  It applied nicely, and the glitters distributed evenly. 

Lynderella Glass Houses

I like the way the glitter blends in with the OPI, but I really like how it stands out over the Dior.  I do think it looks like a crackling fire!

Bottle shot:  OPI I Knead Sourdough, Dior Blue Label, and Lynderella Glass Houses

Bottle shot:  OPI I Knead Sourdough, Dior Blue Label, and Lynderella Glass Houses

So.  Popped that cherry on Lynns.  It wasn't as big of a deal as I'd made it out to be.  I'm not a convert to the cult of Lynn, but it's a nice glitter, and I wouldn't mind trying others for a reasonable price.

Is there a polish you've been hesitating to try?

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