Lit from Within: Battle of the red-hot flakies

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Battle of the red-hot flakies

Hello, Fireflies!

I love flakies.  Practically obsessed.  I want to BUY ALL THE FLAKIES!

So, it's no wonder why I have dupes.. or at least close cousins.  I picked these 4 polishes that all have a purple base with red flakies: Nfu-Oh 51, Color Club The Uptown, Layla CE 52, and Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple.

Even though they are all similar, none of them are exactly the same!

Nfu-Oh 51 is pretty much the original of this type of polish.  The Layla comes closest, but has a more purple base, less blue.  The Uptown is lighter still, and the Kleancolor has almost no color on the nail.

Even though they are all similar, none of them are exactly the same!

Even the flakies are all a little different.  The Uptown has almost too many flakies - with 2 coats of polish, the flakies start to look like a whole layer, rather than individual flashes.  The Nfu-Oh has the finest, smallest flakies.  The KleanColor's flakies are bordering on glitter. Not to mention it has that hideous Kleancolor aroma.

Even the flakies are all a little different

Nfu-Oh has discontinued their flakie line, but you can still find a few floating around on Ebay and the like.  If the smell doesn't bother you, the Kleancolor is probably the cheapest option, and you could layer it over whatever purple base you'd like.  I'm not sure of the availability of the Layla, since Ulta stopped carrying their line.  The Uptown is part of Color Club's Winter 2013 collection, so it should be around for a while, and then it will hopefully end up in TJMaxx!

Have y'all seen other versions of this polish?  If you don't need them all, which would you choose?


  1. I just want to roll around your polishes. Those are absolutely gorgeous!

    1. I would think that would hurt... lol! Thanks, Autumn!

  2. When I found out that the Nfu-Oh flakie line was discontinuing, I finally broke down and got 51. So glad I did! It is probably my fave of these "chunky fantasy fire" cousins.

    1. I would applaud your decision! It's my fave, too. That's a good description! lol! I've never heard it called that before.


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