Lit from Within: Polish and Glitter That ... PEELS OFF?! Yes, With Kid (and Adult-safe) Bo-Po Polish! #bo_po

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Polish and Glitter That ... PEELS OFF?! Yes, With Kid (and Adult-safe) Bo-Po Polish! #bo_po

Product provided for review.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

I'm way too excited about today's blog post.  When I was a kid (many eons ago,) the only makeup I was allowed to play with was Tinkerbell.  I thought it was the cat's pajamas.  And now, Worx Toys has brought back the best Tinkerbell products, and made them even better - including Bo-Po nail polish - the polish that peels off!

I admit, I don't have a kid... but I'm still a big kid in so many ways.  When I asked to review this, I wasn't even thinking about it as being marketed towards kids!  I wanted it for me!  Peeling off my polish is something I still enjoy doing, but it's bad for my nails to peel off regular polish.  This is *supposed* to peel off!
Bo-Po Polish ingredients and directions
There is so much win here for kids and parents, though.  The bottles are nearly impossible to spill, meaning anyone with butterfingers can play with these without close supervision, and you don't have to cover the sofas in plastic.  There's no acetone needed to remove it, so no more accidentally melting the face off your phone, or taking the finish off your furniture.

I was so surprised at how much I loved these colors.  This is OMG, a fiery orange-red, and then topped with their Sweet Dreams Tint, which looks green in the bottle, but it applies like glitter in a clear base.

Bo-Po Polish OMG

They apply and look like real, regular polish.  I couldn't tell that they were any different!  They applied smoothly, and dried shiny.

Bo-Po Polish OMG with Sweet Dreams Tint

They have 10 colors in all - 3 glittery tints, and 7 colors, ranging from yellow to pink, to purple, to green!  I wish they had these cool colors when I was a kid. 

I'm actually really excited about PEEL-OFF GLITTER.  Yes, look how easily it removes.  For those of you who love a little touch of glitter, but hate to wear it because you hate to remove it, this is a dream come true.  I'm thinking of getting this for all my glitter-loving friends just to blow their minds.

All of it removes easily - even from skin.  I have gel soak-off polish on my nails, so I wanted to do a test on natural nails.  Grabbed my husband and painted his nails and skin with the OMG and the Sweet Dreams Tint.  It dries in about a minute, and then he could peel it all off. So, when I gift this to my niece, even if she wants to paint all our nails, her dad won't have to worry about going to work with glitter nails if he doesn't want to.

If you'd like more information about Bo-Po polish, you can find them on their website (where each polish currently retails for $3.99) or on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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