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Thursday, December 11, 2014

OMG Nail Strips!

Product provided for review.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

You could say that nail art is my first love in the beautysphere.  I started blogging because I wanted to share my nails, and talk polish, and polish-related accessories (points if you heard that in Hank Hill's voice.) 

That being said, when I was approached by OMG Nail Strips to check out their decals, I wasn't on board right away.  I mean, isn't that cheating?

OMG Nail Strips

Each set of strips comes with 14 decals in varying sizes.  You can cut them to size if you need to, and I also used acetone to remove some excess from my skin, so they're pretty customizable. 
OMG Nail Strips step-by-step tutorial
I don't have a lot of experience with nail wraps, but I found these to be pretty easy to use.  I picked the size that most closely fit my nail, and separated it from the other wraps. Then, there is a thin piece of protective plastic that needs to be removed from the top of the decal.  Removing the backing required a little finagling. Tweezers might help.  A well-placed fingernail between the applique and the backing worked well for me, and then bending the backing and pinching it actually helped stabilize the wrap for easier application. 

Placing the wrap on the nail takes a bit of a steady hand, but I also found that I could peel it off and try again a few times and it didn't affect the wrap too badly.  Obviously, there is a limit - the adhesive can only take so much of that, and the wrap does start to wrinkle.  I cut off some of the excess, tucked it under my nail - and, this is important - file the excess off PARALLEL to the nail, not perpendicularly.  Just like with a regular mani, you want the polish (or in this case, the strip) to wrap the tip of the natural nail.  Finish with top coat.

I paired these cute flower and ladybug wraps with (sadly defunct) Maya Cosmetics Glitter Is The New Black.  In fact, I actually applied the wraps right over the glitter on my thumb and ring finger.  These wraps would be great for extending a mani.  If you have tip wear, you could cut these into funky French tips or half-moons, or if you don't have time to remove your old mani, just put these on top and apply top coat!
OMG Nail Strips accents on both hands
You don't need a blow dryer to use these nail strips - though OMG NailStrips does offer a super-shiny foil strips line that does require a blow dryer.  One thing I really liked about these strips was that they were pretty sturdy.  I could reposition them and handle them without fearing they would tear.  I even took the part of the strip I cut off and used them on my nubbier right hand! 14 strips come in a package.. but I got double duty out of 2 strips.

I chose these two patterns because I was pretty sure that even if I could create them myself, I probably wouldn't want to spend the time and energy to do so.  That is doubly true for this awesome Escher-esque rainbow lizard pattern.  I am in LOVE with this design.

I paired these wraps with the lovely A Rhyming Dictionary Polish Gig, a subtle rosy pink holo that pretty closely matched one of the lizards. 

Totes adorbz.  TOTES. If I didn't have this compulsion to change my polish so often, I'd probably wear this until the wraps fell off.  They're supposed to last up to 10 days, but I couldn't wear the same polish that long.

Currently, OMG NailStrips retails the wraps for $7.99, and the foils for $4.99.  You can get a 5-pack of any 5 nail polish strips for $25 with code: 5pack, or a 10-pack for $45 with code: 10pack.  They also have party packs where you can get discounts, as well as tools and invitations to have a nail strips party with friends!  All shipping, both US and International, is free, too. 

If you'd like more information, or to order OMG NailStrips, you can find them on their website, and also on Facebook.

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