Lit from Within: Is Your Skin Moody? It May Need Natural Skincare From The Moody Sisters!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Is Your Skin Moody? It May Need Natural Skincare From The Moody Sisters!

Product provided for review.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

After all the stress that inevitably comes this time of year, maybe your skin becomes Moody like mine has.  The Moody Sisters have a natural skincare line designed to help all moody skins!

This is more of a 'first impressions' than a true review today, because Gloss48 has all Moody Sisters Skincare on sale this week, and this just couldn't wait.

Moody Sisters Lip Balm - Grapefruit and Moody Mint Julep

Gloss48 has these 'best of' lip balm sets, and I received part of one to try out.  I love, love, love the packaging on these balms.  Everything from the cute "Open me!" safety seals to the fonts, to the colors, and especially the oval tubes is just fun and trendy.

Moody Sisters Lip Balm texture

The balms are very soft, and even in the Florida mild winter (my house has been in the high 70s this week, with no humidity) they don't hold their shape very well.  I don't think these would travel as well in the summertime, but are perfect to keep by the bed or desk, or anywhere climate-controlled.

I was pretty excited about these two unique flavors - Moody Mint Julep and Grapefruit.
Moody Sisters Lip Balm ingredients
Those of you who are even the tiniest bit sensitive to peppermint oil, take heed - the Mint Julep packs a peppermint punch!  It's the strongest peppermint tingle I've encountered in a balm.  I gave this to my husband to try, and he said he could 'feel it in his eyes'.   I did experience some lip irritation, but I can't honestly tell you which lip product I was using caused it. The grapefruit doesn't have that tingling sensation, but it does contain citrus oils and rosemary, which can be irritating.  It's strange, because the balms are made with some of the most emollient ingredients, like Coconut Oil, Shea and Cocoa Butter, but they also have those oils which could cause irritation for some.

Moody Sisters Blemish Serum

I was super excited to try the Moody Sisters Blemish Serum, because between the stress and changing my skincare routine, I have been breaking out.
Moody Sisters Blemish Serum
I love the 'Zit Zamboni for your face' tagline! I only got to try this briefly.  It does feel a bit astringent when it goes on - and by the way, I love the rollerball applicator.  It makes it so easy to apply the thin layer of product that you need.  Make sure you shake it up because it does separate, as you can see.  Even though I didn't get to test this for long, the serum boasts some impressive blemish-banishing ingredients like apple cider vinegar, salicylic acid, kaolin clay, and tea tree oil. 

Moody Sisters Dry Skin Cream in Dreamy Orange

The last product I received to try was the Moody Sisters Dry Skin Cream in Dreamy Orange.  It has a mild creamy orange scent, and a texture like a whipped butter.  It also applied much like a butter in that it does take some time to absorb.  This is definitely for very dry skin - perfect for this time of year, and also for someone like me who is always playing with acetone.
Moody Sisters Dry Skin Cream in Dreamy Orange

Let's talk about the jar packaging for a second.  Because this is a very thick cream, it probably needs a jar.  The deep ridge around the jar means that I'm always getting my fingernail full of cream when I try to get some out, though.  Because of that, and because this is a natural product, I would recommend scooping some out into a smaller jar and putting the rest in the fridge to preserve the cream as long as possible.  This time of year, though, you might use this all up quickly, because it feels great on my dry hands and rough elbows, knees, and feet.  Pamper yourself and put this on before bed, cover your feet with socks, and let it all soak in.
Moody Sisters Dry Skin Cream in Dreamy Orange

Gloss 48 has lots of other products on sale by Moody Sisters Skincare, too, like cream deodorant, body butter, cuticle cream - even aromatherapy oils.   All of their products are natural, and handcrafted in small batches - no chemicals, fragrances, dyes, sulphates, or parabens.  For more information about Moody Sisters Skincare, you can find them on their website, and Facebook.

Don't forget, the sale on Gloss48 is only this week! All orders come with a hair tie!

Have you tried Indie skincare brands before?  What do you look for in an Indie skincare line?

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