Lit from Within: My Current "Flawless Face" Routine with Cover F/X, Cara Cosmetics, and Yalmeh #Yalmeh #CoverFX, #CaraCosmetics

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Current "Flawless Face" Routine with Cover F/X, Cara Cosmetics, and Yalmeh #Yalmeh #CoverFX, #CaraCosmetics

Products provided for review.  All opinions are my own.

Hello, Fireflies!

I love testing lots of different makeup and skincare, but lately, I have found my self reaching for these 5 things when I want to make sure that my face looks the best that it can. 

I don't like a full-coverage makeup, usually, because I think it looks weird to not have any texture in the face, but I think that you could definitely add more coverage, especially with the foundation, if you wanted more coverage.

With these 4 products and one brush, I'm getting results like I've never seen before on my face, and I couldn't be happier!  They've carried me through all my holiday parties and travels, and I know they'll take me well into the New Year.

Cover F/X Illuminating Primer sample

These days, I almost always start with a primer.  And, while Cover F/X has lots of different primers to choose from (their mattifying primer being my HG summertime primer!) lately, I just keep reaching for their new Illuminating Primer.

Cover F/X Illuminating Primer sample

There's a little golden tint to this primer, but it doesn't conflict with my pink skin undertones.  Cover F/X uses a mineral complex to help light bounce off the skin and provide a nice glow - with no glitter!

Not that there's anything wrong with glitter.  I just don't want it in my primer.  

Here's a picture of the primer in mid-smoothing, and then all smoothed out.  It's just the loveliest healthy glow, and you can see how it even blurs the little lines in my hands, making my complexion look even smoother. And, it works just fine with my oily skin!
Cover F/X Illuminating Primer on my skin

My blurred, glowing, Illuminated face!

Currently, Cover F/X Illuminating Primer sells for $38 on their website.

Cover F/X Blemish Treatment Concealer

One of the things I love about Cover F/X is that their makeup also functions as skincare.  One of the main reasons I wear concealer is to cover up blemishes.  Most concealers just cover... and clog.  So, while my blemish is hidden for a while, when I take off my makeup, it's more inflamed than ever.  Cover F/X Blemish Treatment Concealer treats the pimple while covering it!

Salicylic acid is a great treatment for blemishes, and this concealer not only has that, but also Babchi seed extract which works like a retinol to increase cell renewal.  It also has ingredients to reduce blemish scarring, and chamomile to reduce redness and soothe irritated skin.
Cover F/X Blemish Treatment Concealer
I am using the concealer in P-light, but they have 10 shades with 3 different skin undertones.

Covering and treating blemishes...and forgetting to blend some of the concealer on my forehead..

Currently, Cover F/X Blemish Treatment Concealer retails for $25.

Cover F/X Pressed Mineral Foundation

After I apply my blemish treatment, it's time for foundation.  While I still love Cover F/X BB Gel and CC Cream, my new love is their  Pressed Mineral Foundation.   I like light-to medium coverage, but this is buildable for more full coverage if you like.

Pairing this with the Illuminating Primer means I get a glow, plus oil-absorption, and a smooth complexion that lasts all day!

Cover F/X Pressed Mineral Foundation P30

I am wearing shade P30, but it comes in an amazing 24 shades with 3 undertones.  Currently, Cover F/X Pressed Mineral Foundation retails for $36.  As always, Cover F/X products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Covered, but still looking natural, with powder foundation:

You can find Cover F/X on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and Google+.

Cara Cosmetics Photo Hydra Concealer

My final step is a little under eye concealer, and my new favorite is the Cara Cosmetics Photo Hydra Concealer.

I was introduced to Cara Cosmetics at The Makeup Show Orlando.  They are a local business with a professional line of cosmetics beloved by makeup artists.  Their signature product is custom-blended foundation, but I am in love with this concealer.

It applies like a cream, but dries down to a satiny powder.  I have yet to find a concealer that doesn't gather in my fine under-eye lines, but this comes the closest!  I can actually get quite a long wear from this concealer!  It was designed to be used in the film industry, so it doesn't break down from bright lights and heat - or your natural body heat, either, which means it will last and last!

My eyes are brightened, my bags and sags concealed:

Cara Cosmetics Photo Hydra Concealer is fragrance-free and cruelty free, comes in 5 shades, and currently retails for $22.98.

You can find Cara Cosmetics on their webpage, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Yalmeh Foundation Brush

I think that the key to a flawless look is also in the tools that you use.  I have a bunch of brushes.  I'm a brush fanatic.  I was skeptical about this Yalmeh Foundation brush, with its pointy tip.

It's now my favorite powder foundation and concealer brush.

When I apply my powder foundation, I gently push the brush into the powder, and then buff into my face.  The bristles separate to cover a lot of area, but are firm enough that I still have control over where the makeup goes.  The tip allows me to get into the folds on the sides of my nose, and close to my brows, and any other detail work.

Yalmeh Foundation Brush

The brushes are synthetic, which means that they're not only cruelty-free, but also great for cream products like the Cara Cosmetics concealer.  I can get right up under the eye with the tip of the brush, and it's so soft, it doesn't irritate my eye.  For a natural finish, I roll the brush under my eye.

You can find Yalmeh on their website, and Facebook. This brush retails for $29.95 on Amazon, but is currently on sale for $11.95.

Here's my before, clean, naked face, and after, my 'flawless' makeup face:

I felt so good about my 'flawless face' that I experimented with some red makeup I'd never used before! (Colour Pop Hot Totty, Drift, and Girly eyeshadows, and Confetti lippie.)

And, here's some other makeup looks I've done with some, or all, of these great foundation basics:
What do you use for your 'flawless face'?

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