Lit from Within: Aroma-Blingy Therapy #AromatherapyNecklaceChakraComfify

Monday, June 20, 2016

Aroma-Blingy Therapy #AromatherapyNecklaceChakraComfify

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Hello, Fireflies!

Certain smells make me happy, and jewelry can make me happy.  This necklace from Chakra Naturals made me doubly happy!

I love fragrances, but they don't always love me back.  For some reason, my body chemistry just eats perfumes, making most scents only last a few minutes to a few hours on me.  It doesn't help that my favorite scents are citrus, which notably don't last long.

This necklace has a mandala design cut out of the front, and a little locket-style pocket in the middle that is the perfect size for one of the many felt circles it comes with.  The necklace comes with 5 black pads and 5 white ones (they are reusable, but I would probably keep reusing the same scent on the pad) and seven random colors to spice things up.  They are unscented when they arrive - the perfect fragrance is up to you!
I just got a new perfume - a light summer toilette that didn't last long on my skin - but I could smell in my necklace for the whole week!  The warmth from my skin gently heated up the 316L hypoallergenic stainless steel disc, and I could catch whiffs of summery goodness all week long.  It made me so happy!
I put in a green felt disc to match the details on my shirt, and then did my nails to match, too.  I love little details like that in my outfits.

Matchy-matchy!  The base is Zoya Ness, and the glitter tips are a mixture of Cece and Bay.
If you're like me, and fragrances don't last long on you, or your body chemistry changes a scent you like into one that doesn't suit you, then you might enjoy wearing that fragrance in your jewelry!  If you just want a simple essential oil - maybe lavender for a trip to the doctor's office, or peppermint for an exam - you can use this necklace to discreetly get the benefits of aromatherapy wherever you go.  It's a beautiful piece, too - my husband noticed it the first time I put it on. 

For more information, or to purchase this from Chakra Naturals, you can find them on Amazon, where this Mandala necklace currently retails for $12.99.

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