Lit from Within: Purple Watermarbles

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Purple Watermarbles

Hello, Fireflies!

I love watermarbles, but I have the worst time with them.  And worse than trying to create the pattern in the water, is trying to get them cleaned up after I get them on my nails.  Now, I just make watermarble decals!

Making the decal is pretty easy - after dropping the polish in the water and making the design, instead of dipping my finger in the polish, I just let the whole thing dry until it's a solid sheet of polish.

Then, I can use scissors or cuticle pushers to cut and shape the polish into the shape of my nails, and adhere it with topcoat.  This not only means I'll have a better shot at getting the design placed on my nails where I want it, it also means less polish waste, because I can get more nails done with fewer watermarbles. 

For this first purple marble, I'm bummed that I neglected to record which polishes I used. I love the mix of creme and shimmer, light and dark.

I need to keep practicing, because I can't seem to get any of those cool, standard designs to manifest themselves in my watermarbles.  I'm pretty good at the random swirly ones, though...

I'm digging on the purples mixed with nudes in this design.  Bottle shot:  Orly Pink Nude, Nails Inc Windsor Mews NailKale, Sonia Kashuk Jewel Orchid, L'Oreal It's Now Or Never, and L'Oreal Jennifer's Nude.

Do you like watermarble designs?  Have you tried making your own nail decals?

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