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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Instant Eye Lift! #DynamicSonic

Press Sample.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

Do you know that scene in Toy Story 2 where Mrs. Potato Head packs the Mr. a set of angry eyes?  That's how I feel about my one wonky eye.  She's always packed it for me.

I've tried lots of different eye products, and many of them help with puffy eyes, or wrinkles and fine lines, but this is the first 'instant' lift product I've ever used.  It's spendy, but boy, howdy, does it do what it says it does.
The serum comes in a nifty syringe dispenser - but don't worry, there's no needles involved.  This is an eyelift without the pain!  After removing the outer cap, remove the soft white cap, and push one drop of the thick, reddish serum onto your fingertip.  Use your ring finger to gently pat it in around your eye.  I like to go all the way up to the outside edge of my browbone.  Try not to rub - the skin under the eye is delicate, and rubbing may damage the skin.
I have been using this serum for about a month, and while I don't see a lot of changes over the long-term, my eyes look very different within about 90 seconds of applying the product.  I can actually feel the Veegum working - In the first initial applications, there is a tingling sensation that doesn't hurt, but is very noticeable.  For me, this only lasted for about the first week.  Now, I don't get that tingle, but I can still actually feel the skin tightening and smoothing.  It's a little weird, but very gratifying!

In the pictures of my eyes, I have only cropped and labeled the pictures - there's no makeup on my face, no filters or retouching on the photos.  I took them in the same room with the same lighting about 2 minutes from one another.

The eye on the left side of the picture has minor puffiness and a little discoloration in the Before picture, and in the After, it looks like my eye is 10 years younger! The eye on the right side is my wonky eye.  I have a pronounced bag under my eye, with some redness and discoloration.  In the After picture, my eye looks normal! You can hardly see the bag anymore, and the redness is gone.  The shadows caused by the bag are gone.

The effects do wear off gradually and are supposed to last 6-8 hours.  For me, as long as I put the serum on in the morning, I feel like my eyes look lifted all day.

Shiny, happy nails.  Sally Hansen Blue Frosting over OPI Push and Shove - blue sparkles over silver.  Young and fresh, like my eyes feel!
Currently, Dynamic Sonic is offering samples - you pay only $5.99 for the shipping and handling.  A 15-ml tube retails for $395 (there's an autoship option which saves you 5%, too) so $6 for about 5 applications seems like a deal to me.  You only need a tiny amount for both eyes, so a little goes a long way.

For more information, or to purchase, you can find Dynamic Sonic on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and their website, where they carry a line of skincare serums in these nifty syringe applicators.

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