Lit from Within: Curvaceous Curls! #Redken

Monday, June 6, 2016

Curvaceous Curls! #Redken

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Hello, Fireflies!

When I was growing up in the '70's, I wanted Farrah Fawcett winged hair.  Desperately.  I didn't appreciate or understand how to take care of my weird hair - so thick, with tight coils at the nape of my neck, loosening to ringlets and then waves near the crown.  Since then, there's been a proliferation of moisturizing and curl-loving hair products, I'm happy to say.  Some work better for my type of hair than others, because not all curls are the same.  So, I was happy when Redken sent me some products that I think were tailor-made for my hair!

These curvy products were also sent with a spray bottle and comb from Sam Villa's product line.  The 'hairdresser's hairdresser' is the Education Artistic Director for Redken.  With over 30 years of teaching experience and awards a'plenty, it's plain to see that his tools are made with the user in mind.  He has training DVDs available that are used by Redken, and a new line of professional tools, too.

When I first looked at the bottles of the shampoo and conditioner, I thought there had to be some mistake.  The shampoo bottle was bigger, with a pump, and the conditioner was small, and a squeeze bottle.  Anyone who has dry, curly hair knows that you need twice as much conditioner (at least!) as shampoo, and that the conditioner needs to be thick and rich. Right?
Wrong.  What? The Conditioning Cleanser ($28) was unlike any product I've tried.  It had the slip of a shampoo, and the richness of a conditioner.  It doesn't foam, yet it still feels cleansing.  I started out with the amount of shampoo I would normally use, but I needed more because I found myself wanting to comb it all through my hair.  A detangling, hydrating cleanser?  Oh, yeah.

The Conditioner ($19.50) was much thinner, and I used MUCH less than I normally would.  My hair was already detangled and smooth!  After rinsing, I applied just a little more as a leave-in, like I normally would.
You curly-folk know that even with the best shampoo and conditioner, we're going to need some product to keep our coils curled.  This was the first time I'd used a CCC spray ($22).  Like a primer, it's meant to be used first - before any other styling product - and then can be used later to refresh.  I loved it as a primer, but found that if I used too much later, my hair got heavy.

The Curl Refiner ($19) is a great curl cream.  It held my curls together with no frizz, and no crunchies, either.  My hair felt so soft.

I love it when I'm giving my friends a hug, and they tell me that my hair smells amazing!  This line has a light, sweet smell.  I get a fresh apple vibe from it,

Farrah's wings got nothing on my curls now. 

A little gradient and dotting action, inspired by my Redken Curvaceous bottle.  The base color is Lilypad Lacquers Fall For You, a green-leaning teal holo.  The gradient started with sponging some white polish first, then applying KBShimmer Lets Not Coral, melding into China Glaze Pop The Trunk.  I used Revlon Black Magic for the dots. 
These are only a few of the new products in the Redken Curvaceous line, too.  There are three different shampoos and six different products for everything from waves to spirals.  For more information, visit  Redken products can only be guaranteed as authentic when purchased from a salon, so to find one near you, visit Redken's Salon Finder, and they're also available at Ulta, Beauty Brands, and JCPenney Salons.

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