Lit from Within: Dismiss That Frizz #Redken

Monday, June 13, 2016

Dismiss That Frizz #Redken

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Hello, Fireflies!

Last week, I showed you how much I loved having Curvaceous Curls, and this week, I'm dropping the F-bomb. You know, Frizz.

Isn't this a cute package from Redken?  I love the little sunflowers and the hair tie, and the sweet summer sunnies.  But what I'm most excited about are those golden bottles of goodness.  Because when you have curly hair like I do, it's almost always dry, and curls break more easily than straight hair does.  Dry, broken hair = frizz.  And frizzy hair is big, rough, and hard to manage.

Redken Frizz Dismiss

I have two complaints about this line.  One, why are they making the conditioner bottle so much smaller than the shampoo?  I use 2-3x as much conditioner as shampoo.  And speaking of conditioner, I'm glad the label is in different languages, but I was reaching for the shampoo, and instead grabbed the 'apres shampoo' (after shampoo, aka conditioner) bottle.  I can read, but I don't wear my glasses in the shower, Redken!  Luckily, I figured out it wasn't shampoo before I used it.

But, hey, I can't be mad.  Lookit mah hair.  I daresay these Redken lines are positively spoiling my curls.  The Frizz Dismiss line is perfect for anyone who has a problem with frizz, and that's pretty much everyone here in Florida, where it's always the humidity, not the heat.    It's safe for chemically-treated hair, and is free from sulfates and sodium chloride.  The styling products in this line have an FPF, or Frizz Protection Factor number, so the more problems you have with heat and humidity, grab a higher number of protection.

The Wax Blast 10 is a unique hairspray that not only has medium hold, but also adds texture and a tousled look.  It smelled really nice, but it wasn't for me.  I have enough texture!  This would be amazing for those with fine hair, especially fine, wavy hair.  It's like beachy in a bottle.

Before being sent these samples, I'd actually already just finished a hair mask that I purchased myself from the Frizz Dismiss line.  I almost never finish hair products because I get seduced by something new.  But I finished this one.  I really liked it!  It had a nice amount of slip to it, and really deep-conditioned my hair.

For more information, you can find Redken on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or visit them on  Redken products can only be guaranteed as authentic when purchased from a salon, so to find one near you, visit Redken's Salon Finder, and they're also available at Ulta, Beauty Brands, and JCPenney Salons.

How do you fight frizz?

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