Lit from Within: Twisty Rods for Beachy Hair ##HaiRollers

Friday, June 10, 2016

Twisty Rods for Beachy Hair ##HaiRollers

Press Sample.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

Hair curlers, you might ask? But you already have curly hair! Why on earth would you review hair curlers?

Oddly enough, my hair has lots of different kinds of curls in it, from tight coils near the nape of my neck, to spirals, all the way to slightly wavy hair at the crown of my head.  I get a more consistent curl when I use curlers!  I've been using large foam curlers for a while to get large, uniform waves that straighten out over a few days, but I wanted to try a curler that would give me tighter curls.
Ohuhu Twist Flex Rods
The Ohuhu Twist Flex Rods come with 7 different curl sizes, and each size has 6 rollers.  The rollers are color-coded by size, so you think I'd be able to find all 7 curlers, but apparently I thought there were only 6 when I took the picture. 
Ohuhu Twist Flex Rods
I'd never used these kinds of curlers before, but they were simple to use.  I took a small section of hair and put the end of it in the middle of a roller.  Then, I rolled the hair up into the roller, making sure to keep the hair in the center of the rod.  Twisting the ends together keeps the curler in place.
It's going to take me a little bit of practice to get the curlers evenly distributed on my head - I wanted them all to be on one side, apparently!  It's easy to choose whether you want the hair to curl up or down.  I tried to let my hair air-dry with the curlers in, but I knew that could take days, so after a few hours, I put on my bonnet dryer and finished the job.  I was pretty happy with my ringlets!  I did muss them up for a nice, beachy curly-wave, but I didn't get a good picture.

#nomakeup #curlygirl
I really liked getting the curl all the way to my crown, and how much lift it gave the top of my 'do.  And, the curls weren't tangly like my hair can get if I let it completely air dry.  I could run my fingers through them and get a messy, beachy wave - and still no frizz or tangles.

A colorful mani for a bunch of colorful rollers!  I used mostly polishes from the new Zoya Sunsets collection, except for Zoya Pippa on the pinky.  From the thumb, I used Zoya Dory, Cam, Ness, Brynn, and Pippa.
Ohuhu stands behind these rollers with a lifetime support guarantee, a 12-month replacement guarantee, and 30 days money-back guarantee.  If you're looking to try the new summer trend of beachy waves, you might like this twist curler set!  You can find Ohuhu's Twist Flex Rods on Amazon, where they currently retail for $12.99.

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