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Monday, June 27, 2016

ClEansing With Derma E

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Hello, Fireflies!

I have become a real skin-care addict these days, interested about this new ingredient here, or that new formulation there.  There is a special synergy that I enjoy when my skin is rejuvinated by products in one skincare line, though - and I've found some great products from Derma E that I want to tell y'all all about.

I gotta tell you, I felt positively spoiled by the folks at Derma E.  Not only did they send me products to take my routine from cleansing to masking to nourishing, they also sent me a lovely healthy drink with some powdered greens, and a cool cup to drink it in.

Once I discovered more about Derma E, it didn't surprise me that they would take a holistic view to skincare.  As a company, they use the best natural ingredients possible, organic when available, and always vegan and cruelty-free.  Their production utilizes wind energy and recyclable packaging.  Everything about this makes me happy to use this skincare.  But did it work for me?
Today, I want to talk about the cleansing products I tried - the Makeup Remover and Purifying Gel Cleanser.

For years, I have avoided makeup remover.  I hated the oily feeling it left on my skin, and I hated how it always got in my eyes and created a film I couldn't see through or wash away.  In my youth, I would just wash away what I could in the shower, and let the rest come off on my pillow.  Yeah, if I only knew then what I know now.

Even now, however, I don't use a makeup remover all the time.  But if I have on a full-coverage foundation, or a bold eye-makeup look, I look to a remover to get off the tough stuff so that I don't smear makeup around with my cleanser, or have to wash a lot of product out of my cleansing tools or cloths.
Oil- and fragrance-free, this thin, clear liquid comes out easily from the pop-top of the white plastic bottle.  I really like all the natural, soothing ingredients like chamomile, cucumber, and green tea extracts - especially because the main place I use this remover is on my eyes. 

I was so surprised by this remover.  I just applied it with my fingers, and rubbed in a gentle, circular motion.  It didn't sting, it didn't blur my eyes, and it rinsed off cleanly.  Some mascaras came off super-easily, and some took a second application of remover, but they all came off with no hard rubbing or tugging. 
The star of the show for me was this cleanser.  With my aging oily skin, I'm always looking for cleansers that cleanse all the gross stuff out of my pores, but don't strip my skin and unbalance my oil production, which ends up making me more oily.

You may think it's weird to use a black cleanser.  I know I thought it was weird! But it's the charcoal, and that stuff is amazing for oily skin.  It can suck up many more times its weight in oil, and it's drawn to debris and toxins like a moth to a flame.  I love it best with my Foreo Luna (it doesn't stain the pink silicone!) but it works great just with my hands and a splash of water.

I admit, I like a little foaming action, and this has just enough to make me happy.  It has no fragrance, and it's infused with botanicals like Aloe Vera to start nourishing my skin, even as it's cleansing.  Afterwards, my skin just feels clean.  Not stripped or tight, but ready for my skincare regimen...

...which I'll tell you more about later!  Stay tuned!

For more information, or to purchase, you can find Derma E on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and on their website, where you can either purchase online, or find a local or international retailer (they have a store finder here) Currently, the Makeup Remover retails for $12.75, and the Purifying Gel Cleanser retails for $15.50.

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