Lit from Within: Natural Pain Relief with Oils #PhytopiaUSA #PainAway

Friday, June 24, 2016

Natural Pain Relief with Oils #PhytopiaUSA #PainAway

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Hello, Fireflies!

I may be young at heart, but there's no doubt that this body is getting old.  After 40, my body decided that it didn't need a good reason to be in pain anymore - maybe, I just sneezed and torqued something.  Or I slept on it wrong.  Or, sometimes, it may be that I didn't *do* anything to it, it just hurts. I don't like the idea of taking pills all the time, so I look to other remedies, and I have found one in Phytopia!

I've reviewed an oil blend from Phytopia in the past - their Tranquility oil blend.  I loved the scent, but lamented that it wasn't heavy enough to be used as a massage oil.  Well, my wish has been granted with this Pain Away oil.  It's perfect for massage.

Pain Away uses menthol, as do many topical pain-relief creams.  But it doesn't smell like those other pain-relief creams to me.  I find that the menthol balances with the other scents, like lavender and lemon.  It also includes Balsam Peru Oil,  which has a vanilla-spice scent to it.

I'd never heard of Balsam Peru Oil before using this, so I did a little research on it.  It's made from the Balsam of Peru resin, and is known for having analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and anti-oxidant properties.  It can also act as a diuretic, and to help ease respiratory issues.  Apparently, it's common to be allergic to it, so a patch test would be prudent.
I've become a real fan of the European dropper for oils.  It helps keep air out, prevent spillage, and does a great job of dosing out just a few drops.  I also like the amber bottle packaging for helping to protect the oil from light.
I love that Phytopia includes holistic healing messages in their product.  As you go through the bottle, so does your healing journey.
My husband has had problems with a pinched nerve in his neck for some time now.  He's had all manner of interventions, from Physical Therapy to steroid shots in the spine.  Something I can do to help alleviate the pain a little is to give him a little massage, and he has enjoyed adding this oil to the process.  It has a warming feeling on the skin, and we both enjoy the smell.  It works really well as a massage oil - the consistency is not so thick that it never absorbs, nor is it too thin to reduce friction.

Apparently, I'm getting sympathy neck pains, too, because I've been having cricks in my neck this last week as well.  I couldn't tell you what I did to hurt myself, either.  I'm glad we have this oil, though!  The massage feels good, the aroma is nice, and the warming sensation and medicinal properties of the oil have been making my pain lessen, too.

A little Phytopia-inspired nail art!  I used MdU Lilac with my Shany 24 plate to stamp over a white base, then used a black striper to recreate the logo on top.
If you're looking for a natural way to help relieve pain, this aromatic oil blend may help.  You can find Phytopia Pain Away on Amazon, where this 50 ml bottle currently sells for $39.99.

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