Lit from Within: After the Peel is Done, the Pain is Gone... #ceramidefacialcream

Thursday, June 23, 2016

After the Peel is Done, the Pain is Gone... #ceramidefacialcream

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Hello Fireflies!

When I first started trying chemical face peels, I really thought that my skin was going to actually peel off, you know, in sheets.  Rest assured - at least with none of the peels I've tried - there's no molting of entire sheets of skin.

Some of the peels, though, especially those with high levels of AHA, can sting and burn, and leave the face red and sensitive for a while afterwards.  So I was really happy when Max Life offered this Ceramide Moisturizing Post-Peel cream for me to try.

You may remember that last month I tried Max Life's 10% AHA Glycolic peel.  It was pretty intense for me!  10% is no joke.  If you're just starting with chemical peels, I'd recommend 1% or 2% at first. 
Before using this post-peel, I wanted to try it as a regular cream, to see how my skin reacted to it.  The cream is RICH.  It stayed on my skin for at least 6 hours.  As in, I felt it laying on top of my skin for at least that long.  My oily skin just couldn't absorb all of it.  I was so afraid I was going to break out, but surprisingly, I didn't!

A few days later, I gathered my strength to do the 10% AHA peel again.  It wasn't as bad this time - my skin does really seem to develop a tolerance for skin products over time.  Make no mistake, though - my skin was feeling the sting.  After it was done, I couldn't wait to get this cream on my skin.  And boy, howdy, was it a different experience.  After the peel, my skin just sucked this cream in - no residue left on top of my skin, no nothing.  My skin loved it.  My face may be 44 years old, but it felt like a baby's.   The ceramide in the cream mimics the natural ceramide found in our skin, forming a nourishing, protective layer on the new skin, and helping prevent infection.

I may be all about the multi-tasking skin care, but there is something to be said about a product that does one job and does it well.  I don't have to be afraid of the peel anymore, because this cream is the perfect way to refresh and nourish my skin afterwards.  If you're doing peels on the regular, or have naturally dry skin, this could be used more regularly as a treatment and to prevent dryness.

I only needed a small amount of this cream to soothe my skin, which made the tiny sample jar it came with perfect for my needs.  The big jar can be kept fresher, longer, and the little jar traveled with me this summer.  Max Life even included a spatula for easy, sanitary transfer of the cream to the sample jar.

No more fearing the peel! For more information or to purchase, you can find the parent company, Max Life USA on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. This Ceramide Post-Peel Soothing and Moisturizing Cream from Serum Ceuticals is currently available on Amazon for $32.

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