Lit from Within: Exotic Feathers

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Exotic Feathers

Hello, Fireflies!

AIS is still on official hiatus from Sunday challenges at the moment, but that just means another Sunday where I get to show you whatever stamping I want! yeah! Feels so rebellious.  I have three looks to show you today, all revolving around feathers, and I used kinda exotic or HTF polishes as the base colors.

The first polish I've had for a bit, but I think this was my first time using it! I love grey polishes, and Enchanted Beautiful Rule Breaking Moth is a beautiful blue-grey holo.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this nailart that I did in honor of my friend Chelsea going off to Rice University. Their mascot is an owl, so I picked 5 different owl stamps from my Born Pretty BP-L019 plate.

I love these! So cute.  

The next polish I used is Wanderlust from Takko Lacquer, a lavender with a blue-green shimmer.  This is an old style of bottle they used to use, back in the day when I was still able to score one of their polishes at a restock.  I'm too old and slow now.

This stamp from St. Merry GoGo Only reminds me of peacock feathers in an abstract sort of way.

It really reminded me of peacock feathers, though, when paired with this polish because of the way the black stamp brought out the shifts between the purple, blue, and green.  So dainty and pretty.

This last polish is a holo from a closed Indie, Naild' It Holo, My Name Is..  I didn't even realized they'd closed down.  There was such a boom of Indie polishes, and now a bunch of them are defunct.  This is such a neat shade - hard to describe what color it is!

I really love this LeaLac stamping plate.  The actual stamping area is large, for those with larger nails, but each stamp has enough detail so that folks with smaller nail beds like me can use them, too.  I can usually stamp 2-3 nails from one pass with the stamper!

This nailart reminds me of floating feathers, or maybe even a dreamcatcher, floating in the breeze.  

Time to give some of those old polishes some love! Sometimes, it's hard for me to wear an old HTF polish, because I don't want to use it up.. but they are made for enjoying.  Do you have a favorite, cherished polish?

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