Lit from Within: No Lumpy Tea, Please! #whiskspoon

Saturday, August 15, 2015

No Lumpy Tea, Please! #whiskspoon

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Hello, Fireflies!

It's Saturday, and I have another Something Strange Saturday item for you that I am totally enjoying.  If you read my review of the Ceremonial Green Tea Matcha, you might remember that Mr. LFW and I used to have Target dates where we'd share a Starbucks Green Tea Latte, and then started to make our own at home.  Well, it's not so easy to get matcha to blend with no lumps.. unless you have a Chasen, or bamboo matcha whisk!

Green tea matcha is made from grinding up the entire tea leaf, rather than brewed tea, which is just steeped with the leaf.  This means that all the antioxidants and nutrients in the leaf make it into the tea.  It's amazingly healthy - not only to drink, but also used in skincare, too! Also, the flavor is much earthier, and the mouth-feel is heavier and richer than brewed tea. 

This little MatchaDNA whisk and spoon set is not only functional, it's fun to use.  I like the whole ceremony of getting out a nice teacup, preparing the tea, and sitting down for a few minutes of 'me' time.
MatchaDNA Bamboo Chasen (green tea whisk)
This whisk is made from Golden bamboo, and with 100 tangs, it's a full, bushy whisk.  Apparently, after a few washings, the ends might uncurl, but I've read that that's normal.  So far, mine are still curled.  Your mileage may vary.

My matcha tin came with directions for both Western and traditional tools, so I didn't have any trouble getting started.  The cups are supposed to be filled with hot water to warm them, and the whisk is soaked in the hot water, too.

heating the MatchaDNA Bamboo Chasen (green tea whisk)

After the cups are emptied of the hot water and dried, use the little bamboo spoon to put two scoops of the match powder in the empty cup, and then add 2 oz of hot water.  I like mine a little weaker, so I only added 1 and a half scoops.

Move the whisk briskly in a zig-zag pattern to froth the tea and eliminate the lumps!  This whisk really did make a difference in the consistency of the tea. I'm still kind of a wuss and need sweetener and a little milk to enjoy it, but it's so much better without the lumps! Lumps are really, really bitter.

Both Mr. LFW and I had a go with the whisk, and agreed it's a neat little tool, perfectly designed for the job it's supposed to do.  And it's cute, and fun to use.

My nailart is inspired by the Chasen! I used BMC Neve, a white metallic with a gold shimmer, as the base, and used a paintbrush to draw a little whisk using both Butter London Lust or Must? with OPI Love..Angel..Music..Baby layered over it.
If you like matcha, or are thinking of adding it to your life because of all the health benefits it provides, I recommend getting this traditional bamboo whisk and spoon set to make it easier to make.  Currently, this set is available on Amazon for $10.17, but there is a coupon code (available for 3 months) for 25% off: Y98VQ47Z

Do you enjoy a nice cup of matcha?

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