Lit from Within: Versatile, Wonderful Collagen #neocell

Monday, August 10, 2015

Versatile, Wonderful Collagen #neocell

Press Sample.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

I was introduced to NeoCell and their tasty collagen supplements earlier this year, and all the lovely benefits of adding collagen to my diet.  I recently got to try adding collagen to my skin - and even to my dogs' diet!

Our bodies produce collagen naturally, but less of it as we age.  In our face, less collagen usually results in skin that sags because it has lost some of its structure.  Neocell's Collagen Radiance Serum helps stimulate collagen creation using time-released micro-capsules that also deliver Vitamin C and E into the skin.

Neocell's laboratory is in the USA, in Southern California, and is GMP certified.  They use a proprietary enzymatic process that produces the purest and most bio-available collagen.

The serum is a light, paraben-free, milky-white liquid that doesn't have a discernible fragrance to me.  It absorbs quickly, which makes it easier to layer with my other skincare.
I love the pump dispenser, too, which minimizes waste and protects the serum from contamination. Plus, it's pretty - and is the inspiration for my nail art today!  I used Revlon Lava with white and black stripers to create this look.

My skin looks and feels great - no sagging here.  And, it doesn't break out my oily skin, either.  It's currently on sale on Amazon for $13.16, which is an amazing price for such a great serum!

Neocell also sent me their ArthroPet collagen pet rescue tabs.  Now, I know this doesn't quite fit with the beauty focus of my blog, but these impressed me so much, I had to write about them.  Also, I get to share pictures of some of my doggies.

My 4 dogs are all rescues, and have been on supplements since we got them - everything from Acidophilus, to skin oil, to spirulina, garlic, Glucosamine, and Chondritin. They do well, and are happy and healthy pups.  But, adding collagen to their diet, I noticed some positive changes.  My 15-yr old girl had a renewed interest in her favorite game, laser pointer.  Everyone has more pep in their step.
Of all the supplements they take, this is the ONLY one I haven't had to hide in cheese or mix into their food.  They think it's a treat, and they all love it.
My smallest dog, Lena, is either an Italian Greyhound or Whippet mix, and is blurry because she's trying to frantically get the supplement out of my fingers!  Pax is my oldest dog, at around 15, and is about 60 lbs of Rottie mix.  She expects hand delivery of her treats, but is sticking her tongue out as far as she can to get that tablet!

I also have 2 male Boxer mixes, Bodie and Banjo, book-ending Pax in this picture. 

If you have dogs in your life that are starting to get a little long in the tooth like mine, you might be amazed at the difference collagen can make in their diet!   A bottle of 60 tabs currently sells for $22.78 on Amazon, but there are discounts for subsciptions available.

For more information, you can find Neocell on their website, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and also on Facebook, where they also have printable coupons available!

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