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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Not The Stamping I Was Hoping For...

Hello, Fireflies!

AIS is still on official hiatus, so I'm making my own theme today!  I went back into the vault and picked a few of the stamps to show you that were unexpected outcomes.. usually not in the good way!  Either I chose a polish to stamp with that just didn't work, or a color combo that was weird, or a stamp that just didn't look on my nail like I thought it would.  Join me for some stamping fails!

Sometimes, I think a color is going to stamp well over a dark base, and it just gets lost.  I love this funky swirl pattern, but it just gets lost with this color combo.

The base is Ricky Color Sweating In The Subway, an almost neon purple, and I stamped with Rica The Golden Egg, a shimmery gold.

Ricky Color Sweating In The Subway, an almost neon purple, and I stamped with Rica The Golden Egg

This next one is another color combo fail.  I just didn't like how the colors and textures ended up.

The base color, A England Queen of Scots, is a deep metallic blue, while the stamping polish, Rica Ain't It Peachy? is a light peach with almost a matte, chalky look to it.

A England Queen of Scots stamped with Rica Ain't It Peachy?

I wish stamping were always as simple as using any polish with any stamper and any plate.  Sometimes, different texture stampers work better with different polishes and plates.  In this case, the polish and stamper couldn't give me the crispness I needed for such a detailed engraved plate.

The base, A England Love Is Enough, is such a shimmery golden olive color that the muddy stamping just gets lost. 

A England Love Is Enough

I was so excited to use this stamp because it's such a neat pattern, but my nail beds are just too small for it. 

The base is LynBDesigns Kindness & Justice over a layer of Glitter Gal Big Smoke, and the stamping is done with MdU Mustard.  The stamp covers too much of the cool glitter, and my nails are too small to see enough of the pattern where it makes sense. #smallnailbedproblems #thestruggleisreal

I feel kinda bad that I messed up the beautiful OPI DS Vintage!

I don't even know what polish I used to stamp with.  Whatever it was, I hope I don't try it again!  The washed out stamp just looks weird.

I love trying new kinds of stampers, and different plates.  The fun is in the journey, and the stamping I do is rarely perfect.  Enjoy the nail art journey! The mistakes are just as important as the successes.

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