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Saturday, August 1, 2015

OxyRub The Pain Away #OxyRub

Press Sample.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

Did you grow up, as I did, with that familiar, pungent ointment smell that unmistakably meant that someone within a mile radius of your nose had injured themselves?  Did that smell turn you off from other pain-relieving ointments because you didn't want to advertise your groin pull to the world?  I found OxyRub to be a great alternative!

Created by Dr. Pergolizzi, a pain-management specialist, this topical ointment apparently started as an On-Seen-On-TV product.  I feel like I should channel my inner Grav3yard Girl, and play, "Does This Thing Really Work?"
The active ingredient in this ointment is menthol, which is often used as a topical pain reliever.  From the moment I opened the box, I could smell the menthol, but it was surprisingly pleasant, and didn't last long at all.  Reading through the background of OxyRub, Dr. Pergolizzi discovered a homeopathic pain reliever in oil that had been oxidized for 20 years.  He discovered a way to recreate that oxidation process in 3 days, and that's the secret to OxyRub.

The cream itself is white, and pleasantly minty.  It doesn't stain, feel greasy, or make my skin feel hot or cold or tingly.  It doesn't make a great massage cream, but it does apply easily and absorbs pretty quickly.
I mentioned a few days ago in my Aloe review that I've been dealing with some swelling and pain in my legs, likely because of the blood clot I had before.  I've been applying OxyRub to my legs and feet and it's really helped! The pain goes away almost immediately, and lasts for hours.  I feel like it even helps with the swelling.  The pain in my knee was getting pretty intense at times, and when that happened, I would double-team the OxyRub with naproxen - the combination of the fast-acting topical and the delayed-release, but longer-lasting pill really helped me.
My nailart is inspired by the OxyRub packaging.  I used a white base, then sponged on Sally Hansen Salon I Do Blue, a light blue creme.  I did a simplistic version of the body diagram with Sally Hansen Salon Dark Knight and OPI Over And Over A Gwen.

I try to be judicious about the amount of medicine I use, but I also don't like to be in pain.  When I have low-level, chronic pain like from this old injury, or from my hip reconstruction, OxyRub has helped me get moving again.  And, I can move around in public, because the smell isn't strong or long-lasting.

For more information, or to purchase, you can find OxyRub (and their parent company, Healthy Directions) on their website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and on Amazon, where it retails for $19.99. Healthy Directions has provided a discount code for my readers - use code: SAVEOXY2 to save 20% off your first purchase of OxyRub 1 Tube (4 oz.) sold by Healthy Directions on Promotion code expires 12/31/15.

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