Lit from Within: Battle of the Cleansing Machines: Michael Todd Soniclear Elite v. Foreo Luna

Friday, August 28, 2015

Battle of the Cleansing Machines: Michael Todd Soniclear Elite v. Foreo Luna

The Soniclear Elite is a Press Sample. I won the Foreo Luna in an iFabbo contest.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

Most of us wash our face every day.  I know for most of my life, I didn't think much about it.  At first, it was whatever soap I was using in the shower, then I started using specialized cleansers.  Then, the tools started coming out, and they started getting more and more expensive.  Maybe you haven't been able to decide between some of the options out there.  I've been using both the Michael Todd Soniclear Elite and the Foreo Luna, and I want to share my experience and opinions with you, in hopes it helps you find the right tool for you.

Earlier this year, I reviewed the first generation of Soniclear and really liked it.  In my opinion, the Elite is definitely an improvement!
The Michael Todd Soniclear Elite is a hand-held cleansing device with a set of vibrating brush heads - one for body, and one for the face.  The sonic pulses work to loosen dirt and makeup residue, getting the skin cleaner than with just soap and manual washing alone.

The handle fits nicely into my hand, and is weighted a little top-heavy, which means that I can just lean the brush on my face and let it do the work - no pushing, no scrubbing.  It has non-slip grips on the side which really helps, as I like to use mine in the shower.  The brush heads are treated with anti-microbial technology, which means they stay cleaner, longer.  They are recommended to be changed every 6 months.
One of the changes in the Elite model is the addition of C-Boost technology.  By pressing the "C" Button, it activates a more intense pattern that is designed to boost collagen production.  Without the boost, it still has 3 different patterns for both face and body, so you can adjust the intensity of the cleaning.  In the prior model, only the body brush offered a clockwise/counterclockwise scrubbing motion, but in the Elite model, that feature has been added as one of the options for the face brush, too.

I prefer the more gentle, vibrating cleansing massage on the Soniclear, with occasional C-Boost massages, but there are definitely options for a more intense cleanse. 
I am the kind of person that prefers to keep my body-cleaning and face-cleaning stuff separate, so I really like that I can quickly change brush heads and enjoy my Soniclear on my body, too.  It can take a little time to clean my whole body with it, so it's not for every day, but it offers a really nice exfoliating process.  Michael Todd also sells an extension handle to make it easier to use the body brush in all the harder-to-reach places.
While the Soniclear comes in 6 colors, they are all the same machine.  The Foreo Luna comes in 6 colors, but they are all different variations of the machine.  Each color designates a different skin type - sensitive, normal, ultra-sensitive, or men's skin; or they are a completely different version like the Mini, which is smaller and a little less expensive or the Luxe, which features a real gold or platinum base.

While most of us are familiar with the basic shape of the Soniclear, the Luna is a totally new beast.  It's wide, and flat, and completely self-contained.  It doesn't need a separate base - the charging cord fits right into a port on the Luna, yet it's still waterproof.  One charge is supposed to last 450 uses.  It also doesn't have traditional brush heads.  The entire outer sleeve is silicone, and is good for the lifetime of the machine - they never need to be replaced!
The Foreo Luna has two modes - cleaning and anti-aging.  When you first turn on the Luna, it is in cleansing mode.  The + and - buttons on either side of the power button are for adjusting the strength of the vibration. If you press the power button again, it goes into Standby mode.  Press it a third time, and it goes into Anti-aging mode, where you use the other side of the machine - the lower ridges - on areas prone to fine lines and wrinkles.
Soniclear: $149.  Replacement brushes $25.  Accessories available.
Luna (and Luna for Men): $199; Mini: $139; Gold: $6500; Platinum for Men: $8800.  No accessories available or replacement brushes needed.

Soniclear: 6 fashion colors/prints.  Separate cradle needed for charging.
Luna: 6 colors, but each color relates to a function.  No additional base/cradle.

Soniclear: Traditional brush head/handle shape, vibrating brush head.  Can replace face brush with body or pedi brush heads.  Not sure how long the charge lasts.  Offers additional Collagen boost.
Luna:  Entire device fits flat in the hand. Silicone fingers/ridges.  Never need to replace the brush.  Charge lasts 450 uses. Offers Anti-aging vibration.

I can see the Soniclear having advantages for a family that just needs one base, and everyone has their own brush, or for those who want one machine to have multiple functions, like body and feet.  Some may not mind using their Luna for body or feet cleaning, because the silicone is naturally anti-microbial. The Luna takes up less space, and is more self-contained and travel-ready.

I will say that I enjoy using both of these devices.  The Soniclear now lives in the shower, where I can take best advantage of both the face and body brushes, while the Luna stays at my sink.  They both offer a great cleansing experience that I enjoy much more than just using my hands and soap. For more information, or to purchase, you can find Michael Todd Soniclear at their website, and also at Ulta.  The Foreo Luna is available on their website, and also at Sephora.

Have you used a cleansing tool?  What is your favorite?

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