Lit from Within: Arm Candy? More like Nail Candy! #butterlondon

Friday, August 14, 2015

Arm Candy? More like Nail Candy! #butterlondon

Press Samples (except Violet's Revenge).  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

I know I usually post nail art with my reviews anyway, but if you like my nail art, you're going to love today's post! I had the opportunity to try Butter London and Allure's collab collex - Arm Candy, and it's full of great Fall shades, and I did lots of nail art looks, to boot!

Though it wasn't included in my press sample, I had to include Violet's Revenge.  I bought the Allure box that they put out seasonally.  I don't know if it has a name, but it's around $50 for over $200 worth of full-size products - everything from makeup to hair to skincare. 

My camera hates purple with a passion, so this is a little bluer than it is in Real Life.  It's does lean a little blue, though, much like the blueberry Violet became in 'Charlie & The Chocolate Factory,' which I'm guessing is what inspired the name.  I love it, and have nothing like it.

Butter London X Allure Violet's Revenge

Disco Nap is a black base with tons of silver glitter in it.  It's totally opaque on its own in two coats. Metallics are still hot, hot, hot, which thrills me to no end, so this is a nice way to wear a metallic this Fall.

Butter London X Allure Disco Nap

I did a drippy glitter look by dabbing Disco Nap over Violet's Revenge - but only at the top of the nail, with a few dots towards the tip.  I usually apply my glitter at the nail tip, so it's an unexpected look to have the glitter at the top.

The only true metallic in the set I received is I'm On The List, a gorgeous rose gold. This color is flattering on so many skin tones, and the streaking really is minimal with this metallic.  I think this color could be worn by anyone, for any occasion.

Butter London X Allure I'm On The List

One of my faves in the set is It's Vintage, a retro brick orange-red that would have been at home in my mom's 70's kitchen.  It's a super-sophisticated color, warm and rich.

Butter London X Allure It's Vintage

For this look, I started with a base of I'm On The List, and got out my striping tape to make different-sized stripes and patterns with Violet's Revenge and It's Vintage.  I like the two 'antiqued' colors together, but I think adding in the purple gives it a more modern feel.

The brightest color is definitely Statement Piece.  This is a glowing red-orange, and is perfect for late summer, going into Fall.  This is a stunning color, not for the shy!

Butter London X Allure Statement Piece

I used I'm On The List and a stamping plate that had these roses and the reverse image of the roses on it to show you how well it stamps over Statement Piece.  If it stamps, you know it's a nice, opaque color.

The only color I had a little trouble with was Lust or Must? a rich, chocolate brown.  I rarely have any problems with Butter London polishes, but this bottle arrived cracked and may have dried out a little.  I had to decant it into another bottle with a less cooperative brush, too.  The formula is a little streaky on the first and second coat, and I used three to get this look like melted chocolate.

Butter London X Allure Lust or Must?

I love cloud manis, and they're so easy to do!  I used I'm On The List in the center, and Violet's Revenge on the tips.  Purple and brown together is such a great Fall combo.

The last color is a palette cleanser.  Nude Stilettos is very sheer, and not very buildable.  It's great for a French manicure, or just to give the nails a nice, healthy-looking pink glow.

Butter London X Allure Nude Stilettos

For the finale, I used all the other colors in this Waterfall nail art, over Nude Stilettos.  It reminds me a bit of turkey feathers.  I can see using these colors for some Thanksgiving-inspired nailart.

Are you feeling this Arm Candy collection?

For more information, or to purchase, you can find Butter London on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, and on their website, where each nail lacquer retails for $15.

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