Lit from Within: Cinderelly, Cinderelly... Sinful Colors Cinderella

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cinderelly, Cinderelly... Sinful Colors Cinderella

I've been reading on the polish blogs about this brand called 'Sinful Colors' and the darling of the collection, Cinderella.  I went on a pilgrimage to Walgreens to score some of this magic elixir...

It's not bad for a $2 bottle of polish.  I liked the color, but the formula?  eh, not so much.  First, I tried 3 coats, straight up.  It's a beautiful baby blue with a slight, slight pink shimmer.  A little sparkly surprise, if you will.

 There's still some VNL and it was uneven.. and I just wasn't happy with it.  So, I took it off and tried again.

I put on 2 layers of Essie's Borrowed and Blue.  It's okay for a pastel.. a little chalky, but had good coverage.  I was missin' the sparklies, though.

Then I put one coat of Cinderella over the Essie.  This worked for me - and, because I'm not very good at cleaning up my manis, I liked this better than using white as a base.  I'm always seeing little white streaks where I don't want them.  This blue backed up the Cinderella and let her sparklies shine.  Only one finger in the pix, though, because I messed all the others up trying to figure out how to make this work, and I was too tired to do the whole mani!

I found Cinderella at Walgreens for $1.99 a bottle.  I also picked up a few other colors I'll show you in a bit.  I found that my local Target started carrying the Sinful Colors line, but couldn't find a price.. and no Cinderella. 


  1. I've been meaning to tell you...I'm very disappointed you didn't know about Sinful Colors! I love it! And, BTW, it's $.99 at my Walgreens :)

    1. Apparently, they are on sale for that this week - need to get me to Walgreens! What can I say, though, I've been a polish snob. I love China Glaze the mostest. But I'm branching out...


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