Lit from Within: Taco Night spicy red nails..

Monday, April 23, 2012

Taco Night spicy red nails..

Hubby and I got invited to a very special dinner with our friend Jeanette to visit with her parents who were in from out of town. I love Jeanette and I love her parents, and Jeanette loves my manicures, so I had to find something special to wear.

Plus, it was TACO NIGHT.

So, I thought a spicy, shimmery red concoction might pay homage to the wonderful evening that somehow we got invited to.

I did my version of this mani from Sweet Sugar.  I wanted more nails painted, and well, my nails are half the size of hers, so I had to modify the art a little.  I used Hot Ticket's Better Off Red (2 coats) for the base, and Pure Ice Black Rage for the lines and China Glace Icicle for the silver hi-lights.

Practicing with my right hand... but this time, people saw it! :)

After dinner, we played around with the a-england polishes and she picked out Dragon for a mani.  I also stamped lizards on it, but for some reason, we forgot to take a picture of that.  I'm new at this, so sue me.  Maybe next taco night...

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