Lit from Within: Purplenurple dots and spots

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Purplenurple dots and spots

I was inspired by Pixel's gradient-dot mani for today's look.  I wasn't feeling the neons she used, so I opted for a pink/purple combo.  The pink is Orly's Sugar Plum, and the purple is Sally Hansen's complete salon manicure in Bewitched.

After applying my base coat, I applied two coats of Sugar Plum.  When it was dry, I placed tape in a diagonal line across my nails, and painted the bottom with Bewitched.  I still had VNL with the pink, so I wanted to use the darker color over the tip. 

Next, take a dotting tool and make dots along the diagonal line, about halfway in each color.  Leave a gap between each dot.  I did the dark color first because my taping got a little sloppy - so I used the dots to cover my mistakes.

Then, take the other color and dot the tops of the gaps.  The colors should now look like they're dripping into each other.

I need more practice spacing the dots where I want them to go.  Here's my attempt at putting the purple dots on the pink side, and the pink dots on the purple side.

I did my right hand first, to practice on, in case I screwed up... but I think it's worth a picture, even though it's not perfect.

And here's the finished left hand.

Some lessons learned in this mani are learning how to steady my hands on a notebook to get my right hand done, and to use a more opaque color for the pink - it's a little milky-looking on the purple side.  Overall, I like it, though.  Dots are keen.  If I ever get any followers, I'd love to hear how others use their dotting tool to create manis.

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