Lit from Within: Creamy, dreamy clouds

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Creamy, dreamy clouds

I'm not that creative - I take a lot of my nail art ideas from blogs and pinterest.  There is some cool stuff out there, people.  I have been really excited about many of the colors and styles from a blog called Nailside, written by a 20+ year old in the Netherlands.  She did this one mani called 'clouds' that I took this inspiration from.

When I picked up Sinful Colors Cinderella, I couldn't resist a few more colors.  I have been in the mood for green lately.  This is Exotic Green.  The first coat was really yellow, and I didn't think I was going to like it.  Another coat made all the difference.  

Some bottles still had this little stretchy rose ring on the neck.  Silly, but cute. 

I don't know why I picked up this minty-apple green color, it doesn't suit my skintone well. After I swatched this, I took it off and put Exotic Green on both hands as the base coat.

 Call me crazy, but I do love the bottle shape of this brand of polish, though.

I started to experiment with the layering of the clouds.  I added Sally Hansen Made in Jade and Xtreme wear Mellow Yellow to my accent nail. 

All four colors went on my thumbs.

I liked this so much, I did both hands.  This is a happy manicure.

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