Lit from Within: Spotted Skylar

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spotted Skylar

I couldn't leave Skylar just plain on the nail for long.  I am learning to use some nail art tools, and I have to say that the dotting tool is the easiest so far.  Especially for someone like me who is clumsy doing art with my left hand.  I saw a version of this on Pinterest with purples, but no link to the originator, so I can't give credit for the original idea. 

Dots: Zoya Cynthia, Orly Snowcone, Sally Hansen White Tip, and OPI Yoga-ta get this Blue!

I love this mani.  I'm proud of myself! 

See, clumsy left hand.  And the white got a little stringy.  I was a little slow.  Gotta get more practice!

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