Lit from Within: Watercolor mani

Friday, April 13, 2012

Watercolor mani

I tried, I wanted to emulate this fantastic watercolor mani I'd seen online, but this was as close as I could get!  At this point, I still didn't really know how to clean up a manicure, either... and out of all the blue polishes I own, these Finger Paints ones stain.  They are beautiful, but they stick around long after the party's over.

I've not seen the Savvy polishes or Finger Paints outside of Sally's, and I got all of them on clearance at different times.  I will be trying this mani again sometime - it's not hard - use a base white, and add drops of polish and move them around with an acetone-dipped brush.  I think it just needs practice.

Finger Paints - Add & Abstract
Savvy - Golden Honey
Finger Paints - Artistic Azure

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