Lit from Within: Puppy-inspired manis

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Puppy-inspired manis

The Skylar mani inspired me to think of ways to pay homage to my other pups on my nails...

First up was Lena.  Lena is about 30 lbs of SomekindofItalianGreyhound mix.  She's neurotic, sweet, and is totally in love with my husband.  Every time he comes home from work, she acts as if it's the 2nd coming of Christ.

I started with 3 coats of China Glaze Golden Spurs.  I don't usually wear gold polishes, as they wash me out.  I thought this one would be good, but... well, it still isn't my color.  I think it'll be relegated to an accent color.

When Lena is freshly bathed, her coat shimmers with red and orange hi-lights that are so beautiful.  I wanted to try to capture that with a flakie topcoat of Up Colors Flocado (Viagem a 2!)

It was my first time using a flakie polish - and I'm hooked!  I couldn't stop looking at my nails, turning them to catch the light and different colors in the flakes.

Of course, my nails aren't as beautiful as my little Tiny Girl, but I think it matches her fur quite nicely, and captures the fire in her coat. 

Next, I wanted to figure out how to capture the black and tan love of my life, the Rottweiler.  We've owned 4 over the years, and still have two of them:  Paksennarion (aka Pax), and Banjo.  They are both adopted, and likely mixed with something else.  Pax is our old lady, and a lot of her tan is now grey and white.  Banjo is 90 lbs of puppy - a ball-obsessed brute with the squiggliest butt ever.

For this mani, I was inspired by a tape mani I saw on Chloe's nails.  I cut strips of tape and put them on my nails in this spray pattern, and then painted the nails with OPI Black Onyx.  It's important to make sure the tape is on securely, and that the polish goes everywhere the tape isn't, and not under the tape.  Also, remove the tape while the polish is still wet, or the polish will stick to the tape.

My husband thought they kinda looked like claws, so appropriate for a puppy-inspired mani..  I like how you can still see the flakies and shimmer, but it's just a dramatic splash.

I woke poor Pax up to take this pix.  Her tongue wasn't awake yet.  I love how the brown stripe on my nail matches the brown stripe on her nose. Aww.

Banjo came running when he heard the treat jar!  His coat is very short and glossy, and the tan is rich and bold - just like my nails. ;)  

I wonder if any others have tried matching their nails to their pets?

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