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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


As if having one blog where my voice echoes into the emptiness isn't enough, I actually  have another, personal blog that I update from time to time.   I wrote today about my love for shopping and clearance (and polish) and wanted to write a more comprehensive post about the polish part.

I bought this beautiful mug at either TJ Maxx, or Marshalls, I can't remember.  It was on clearance.  Woot!  I wanted to try to do a mani inspired by the artwork on it.

I started with a basecoat, and then a coat of Revlon's Aloof.  I have been looking for a white that is wearable.  This is leaning towards grey/silver, but not too much.  I really like it.  If I was wearing it alone, I would have used two coats, but this is one and a little bit extra on the tips.


To make the background stems, I stamped with China Glaze Holly-day, a medium/dark green creme.

Then I took a small paintbrush and dabbed on Milani Purple Passion mixed with a little bit of Essence No More Drama

To make the rose, I mixed white with a little bit of a champagne color, Fizz It is, by Sally Hansen, and used a small paintbrush.

 I painted the center of the rose with Nubar Verde. 

I know it's a leeetle bit of a hot mess, but I like it.  It looks a lot like the mug to me.

It was so much work, though, I didn't want to do it on my right hand.  So, I tried out Nubar's Black polka-dots over the Aloof.  Love!

Yes, I'm still wearing a different mani on each hand as I write this.  I like both.  Don't worry, I'll be wearing something completely different tomorrow, I'm sure.

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