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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fail blog, nail-style

I think the moon must have been in retrograde, or Mars was angry, or my chakras weren't aligned this night of polish, because nothing I did worked.

I started with a coat of Loreal's Tangerine Crush. 1st mistake:  I didn't take a pix.  No pix, didn't happen, right?

I tried a few different ideas to layer, but nothing worked, so I tried Orly's FX in Space Cadet.  I thought it would be a sheer layering polish, but in 2 coats, it was opaque, and you couldn't tell what I had on my nails underneath it.

I really like this polish - I'm a sucker for duochromes.  And I liked the sparkles, but they weren't like that chunky glitter that is hard to remove.  This was easy.

Good thing, too, because I dented my nail.  And, I wanted to try more polishes.

So, I tried this almost-neon lime color from Revlon I got for a buck at Big Lots.  This was actually a nice formula, and I like the spring-y yellow/green thing.  It's called Super Nature.

And, I broke the nail on my index finger.  Insert raspberry here.

Thought I would try dotting some flowers on with metallic blue and purple and a hot pink.  I think it looks like a 5-yr old colored on my nails.  See what happens when I try to be creative on my own?  My inner child comes out.  Usually, it's a 12-yr old boy who likes poop jokes, but this time I went younger.

This didn't even get finished on my right hand.  Off, off, off.

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