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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Glitter Gorgeous

When I was little, I remember wanting to wear nail polish, and my mom would only let me wear Tinkerbell polish, or very, very, very pale pink polish.  I think as a consequence of that, I rarely wear pink, and even more rarely, anything sheer.  The polish I chose for this mani isn't exactly demure, but it was a more sheer pink than I'd worn in a while.  It took 3 coats to get to the level I wanted, but the Orly formula is so nice, I didn't even mind.  This is Orly's Gorgeous:

Look at that opalescent glow.  It looks a little like a holo in these pix, picking up some blue and purple, but it wasn't in real life.  It does have a pretty shimmer, though.

I'm not huge into glitters, but I couldn't leave this manicure alone, so I thought I would try a few Sally Hansen X-treme wear glitters I picked up on sale at Walgreens. 

I did a heavy application of Rockstar Pink on my thumbs, and a lighter application on all the other fingers except my ring fingers, where I just used one coat of In the Spotlight.  RSP went on pretty easily, and came off okay - the heavy application was hard to get off, but I didn't use the foil method or anything.  I was hoping there would be more glitter in the application of ITS, but I had to go fishing for the bar glitter and kind of place it around the nail.  Sometimes, with glitter, you get what you pay for.

It may be pink, but I still don't think my mother would approve. ;)

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