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Friday, April 13, 2012


I love a lot of different polish brands, but my new fave has got to be the polishes from a-england.  I know I'm late to the admiration society for this brand, but even my husband, whose polish knowledge extends to, "that's a pretty blue." notices and loves every polish I've worn from this brand so far

First up: Dragon.  This looks exactly how I imagine a green dragon's scales would look.   A beautiful holo with green and gold flecks.  I think this was the 4th green polish I'd ever bought - not much into them before.  But I love, love this color. 

Like all a-england polishes, the formula is smooth, opaque in one coat, but I like two because I'm messy.  It even removes nicely - no residue from the sparklies or staining.

 Next, Lady of the Lake, a lavender/purple holo with gold fleck.  These are attention-grabbers, for sure.

Tristam is the sister polish of Lady - it's the same basic idea, but in a navy blue.  Look at that red fleck coming through!

 Avalon is the purpliest purple I've ever seen.  It glows.  I know it looks a little blue here.. what is it with digital cameras not being able to capture true purple?  I had some tip wear and decided to do a tape mani with some jagged edges in black.  It's Black Rage from Icing - just a cheap black.  I like it, but my sister-in-law thinks it looks evil.  bwahaha.

 This, St. George, is the most beautiful color in the whole shebang.  It's a teal shimmer with holo.  I think it's the most beautiful color of all the polishes I own, maybe.  Pictures don't do it justice.

It's getting a little easier to find this brand.  I've found it at their website:,,, and

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