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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Decal dupe freehand

I am a blatant copycat, and today's mani was inspired by this one from Not Another Bottle of Polish.  She had on some troublesome decals, and since I didn't have them, I thought I would freehand a similar pattern.

I started with the gorgeous OPI DS Classic, a nude scattered holo.

I used a striping brush and three polishes:  Jessica Movie Premiere for the sky blue, Ulta Wild Night for the navy blue, and Sephora for OPI  On Stage for the taupe.  I wish I had thought to outline the shape in black first, like the decals, but I didn't.  Hubby said he liked mine better, anyhow, but he's kinda supposed to.  ;)

Right hand, I attempted the same pattern:

 I wanted to try it with a matte finish.  I love glitter matted.  Which do you like better?

Have you tried to replicate a decal with freehand art?  I'm not an artist, but it's fun to try.

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