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Monday, June 18, 2012

I got leid!

Here in Daytona Beach there is a tourist trap attraction called the Ohana Luau. It is at a local hotel, and they have a dinner buffet and a stage show.  There are musicians and dancers, and they show different dances from different Polynesian islands, and even a fire knife dance.

Hubby and I went there for a (Groupon) date night, and I decided to do a soft coral look and a tropical mani for the occasion!

I used my Milani cosmetics.  I have to say, I love these eyeshadows.  Katrina here is showing you Gold Dust, Tickled Pink, and White Lie Eyeshadows, and Haute Flash Hot Flash lip gloss.  The eyeshadows have great consistency, and you don't need a lot to get great coverage.  They are pigmented enough if you want to go bold, though.

I will say that I haven't had much luck with Milani's baked, blended eyeshadow palettes, though.  I've tried one that was a bold green/turquoise blend and another that was hot pink, and neither transferred much color, and I couldn't figure out how to get the look I wanted.

The Haute Flash lipglosses have a lot of sparkle in them and are BOLD.  In this look, I basically lined my upper lip and spread that with my finger around the rest of my lips.  And, I got a lot of lips.  You don't need much Haute Flash to get a layer of color.

For my tropical mani, I started with Essie Navigate Her, a pistachio creme. 

 Then I did one-stroke(ish) flowers with Island Girl Sunset Beach and Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty.

One-stroke technique involves loading one flat brush with 2 colors (one on each side) and then painting so that each stroke lays down and blends both colors.  This doesn't work as well with polish as it does with paint, but I still like the technique.  I had to go over the flower again in some parts, and all the yellow needed a little extra polish.

Right hand.  I thought I was so clever using Island Girl polish for a luau.  What was cool though is that it glowed in the dark!  I wasn't expecting that.

I used Pure Ice Black Rage for the center of the flowers and the dots, and then decided to add a little sparkle with China Glaze Fairy Dust.

Look, I got leid! 

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