Lit from Within: When Sky and Water collide - Cosmic Ocean

Sunday, June 10, 2012

When Sky and Water collide - Cosmic Ocean

I couldn't just post about Shift Happens and not about this one, could I? 

I started with NYC West Village.  This is a beautiful blue somewhere darker than cobalt, but lighter than midnight.  Application was okay - it stained my fingers a little, but amazingly, didn't stain my nails at all when I removed it.  It may say it's Quick Dry, but it wasn't Quick Dry Enough, because I bumped my thumb and had to try and fix it. 

I read somewhere that if you lick the not-quite-dry polish (I will also lick my finger and then apply to the polish) then you can manipulate it with your finger and not get prints.  Works for me.  Strange, but it works.

I then applied 2 coats of Cosmic Ocean.  Um, not seeing much difference, I'll be honest with you.  In person, you could see the green, which my camera stubbornly refused to photograph.  It's only supposed to flash blue and green, but I guess I was expecting more like.. BLUE! GREEN! FIREWORKS!

I added a few studs to my ring finger as an accent.  These are the 3mm silver squares from Born Pretty.  I really like them - I was even able to re-use a few from the previous mani, though a couple did fall off sometime during the day.  I didn't think I was that rough on my nails, but I tell ya, scritching 3 dogs randomly throughout the day will give you such tip wear like you wouldn't believe.

Right hand.  Even though it's a subtle color-change, it is still really pretty.  I'll try a different 'underwear' next time I use it, maybe I'll get different results.

Do you own Cosmic Ocean?  What did you put under it?

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