Lit from Within: What's Black and White and Sparkly all over?

Monday, June 4, 2012

What's Black and White and Sparkly all over?


Dinner with friends and margaritas? Yes, please!

I used Milani eyeshadow in White Lie, Pitch Black and Just Perfect (a greenish, peacock color) on my eyes.  I am really impressed by these eyeshadows!  They are super-pigmented.  I only needed to lightly dab my brush in the black to get enough pigment to act as a liner and go in the crease.  And when I came home from an evening of drinking and laughing, my makeup still looked perfect.

 I have never worn black nailpolish on its own, but I got very close that night!  I rocked 1 coat of A-England Bridal Veil which is beautiful, but not as holographic as I was hoping for.  Two thin coats of Hits Zeus, and I was loving the look.  Dark, but not vampy, with a rainbow shine that wasn't glittery or chunky.  Very sophisticated.

ONE coat of Bridal Veil.  If you haven't tried A-England yet, you need to!

  With Zeus:

 Right hand:

And because I thought it looked like a galaxy, I added a star from the Bundle Monster wheel.  This set is awesome - different colors and shapes all in one place, with an easy-to-use dispenser.  It's like a box of Lucky Charms! Green circles, pink bunnies, yellow and purple flowers, silver scales, blue and red rhinestones, silver stars, and more!

One thing I didn't realize was going to happen through this blogging process was how I would start to expand my boundaries.  I am having such a blast trying new products, new looks, and meeting new people.  I truly believe that beauty is Lit From Within, and all of these products just help us find a way to express it in our own way. 

So, today, if wearing a rhinestone on your nails makes you feel pretty, do it!  Wear as many as you want.  If wearing a new lip color gives you confidence, embrace it.  Have fun changing your look.  Do it your own way.

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