Lit from Within: Lesbi-honest, but not brutally

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lesbi-honest, but not brutally

Oh, Manglaze, you are brazen with your bold colors and choices of names and graphics.  You are hard to resist.  I fell in love with Lesbi-honest, a matte raspberry polish with incredible depth.  It goes on beautifully..

...dries matte....

 ...and comes almost full circle with topcoat.  Seche Vite couldn't bring all the intensity back, and I just didn't feel like going matte that day.

So, what's a girl to do?  Break out the coveted Sticks 'n Stones, by Cover Band (available through  Most lacquerheads know that this is a dupe for Llynderella, but I have little hope of ever getting that polish, and don't really care for the drama.  This is a great interesting topper on it's own.  Square! Circle! Small! Big! Bars! White! Black! Punctuation marks and SHOUTY CAPS!  

This definitely is a great match in my book.


  1. It's a gorgeous berry, with an almost sorbet quality to it - love it :)

  2. Thanks, all. It's a unique color for me - I seriously don't have anything like it - and I have a LOT of polish. I'm a new fan of ManGlaze!


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